Gifts Vs. Money: Is Either Right For A Modern Wedding?

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fall_weddingIn days gone by weddings meant that guests received a gift list and dutifully presented the bride and groom with whichever household item the guest felt best wished them luck for the future.

These days however the majority of couples have lived together for a few years before they walk down the aisle, so getting another toaster, vase, or bed linen set probably isn’t top of their agenda.

Most wedding guests have received ‘cute’ poems requesting money or vouchers to help pay for their honeymoon, home repairs, or even a new conservatory! With the wedding season in full swing we’re asking the question, ‘Gifts vs. money: is either right for a modern wedding?’

Cold hard cash!

Now that many couples already have everything they need when it comes to household goods you might think that it makes sense to ask for cash from their guests on their big day.

However, on the other side of the coin many guests find giving money awkward as it raises the question of ‘How much?’ With the cost of attending a wedding running into the hundreds once you’ve included clothing, travel, and a night at a hotel, guests can struggle to find room in their budget to give an amount of money that doesn’t seem stingy.

Give us the gifts!

So if the bride and groom already live together, what do you get them as a wedding gift? Ornamental or display items are a good choice. However you’ll need to know the couple’s taste otherwise you run the risk of seeing your lovingly purchased ornamental frog on Ebay before the week is out.

Current trends also include sponsoring animals or donating to charities in the couple’s name. Although you might want to consider the particular couple in mind before you part with your cash. If they’re particularly grasping we doubt they’ll appreciate regular updates on their sponsored snow leopard, no matter how cute the free soft toy is.

What are the alternatives?

Luckily most ways of giving money to couples online is anonymous, so if you’d rather not pay for someone else’s honeymoon then the couple will never know you didn’t stump up the cash.

You could also offer your time or services as a wedding gift. For example if you’ve got green fingers and the bride and groom hate gardening why not offer to give their outside space a bit of a spruce up? Or fill their freezer will delicious home cooked meals for the kitchen phobic couple? Baby or pet sitting duties also make a good gift and allow the happy couple time to enjoy being newlyweds.

If you don’t really like the couple then we suggest ignoring their requests for money and buying them monogrammed towels in an attractive shade of peach, or a gravy boat in the shape of a duck. This should get the message across without having a confrontation and might remove the risk of being asked for cash at every future child’s christening.

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