Godzilla Versus Bridezilla: Which One Is The Most Formidable Foe?

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bridezillaOne is an unstoppable rage fueled monster that cannot be subdued by any weapon known to man.

The other is a giant Japanese lizard spawned from nuclear radiation.

Neither creature would be particularly appealing to meet on a dark night, but which one would you rather pit your wits against if you had to?


In these sort of situations, it can be useful to do some research about your enemy’s early years in the hope that you may find a clue to their Achilles heel.

In this case however, it doesn’t help at all. The origin of both of these creatures is debatable; Godzilla may have been awakened by some kind of nuclear explosion about seventy years ago and emerged from the sea growling and grumpy, to wreak havoc on society.

Regular sightings of Bridezilla only date back as far as the Nineties when she emerged from dress shops, crying and cranky, to wreak havoc on her family and friends.

These are patchy explanations at best and do not provide you with any potential areas of weakness you could exploit. In fact, it only reinforces their status as invulnerable killing machines who can never be pacified or vanquished.

Study Their Behaviour

Could looking at the similarities and differences in their behaviour help you to find a way of protecting yourself from the wrath of these creatures?

On the surface, it is difficult to make a distinction between their appetites for destruction: both seem to be possessed by an incurable rage and hell bent on causing as much carnage as possible, destroying everyone and everything that has the misfortune to get in their way.

Upon closer inspection however, (if you dare to take a closer look, that is) it becomes apparent that  their wrathful rampages are not the same at all.

Godzilla’s destructive impulses are indiscriminate, whereas Bridezilla lashes out at specific victims, whether it is her harried husband to be for being late to the rehearsal, her bridesmaids for not keeping her champagne flute topped up with Buck’s Fizz or the wedding photographers for not capturing her most flattering pose.

What is Their Motivation?

As soon as you ask yourself this question, the distinction between this terrible twosome becomes even clearer. Godzilla is lashing out because he has been awoken from his slumber and plunged into a world he does not understand against his will.

Bridezilla on the other hand, has chosen the destructive path she is following and her murderous rampages are as a result of the pressure for perfection that she is putting on herself.

Godzilla just wants to be left alone; Bridezilla wants the world the bask in her glory and will stop at nothing until she gets there, regardless of how many relatives, caterers or hairdressers get obliterated in the process.

So Can Either of Them Be Defeated?

Having delved into the mind behind the monster, is it now possible to see a way of facing either of these foes and still manage to keep all of your limbs intact?

Considering that in all likelihood Godzilla is only feeling aggrieved because he just wants some peace and quiet, the best defence against him would be to leave him alone in the first place and therefore avoid a city wide smashing spree. Prevention is better than cure as they say.

So what about Bridezilla? As we have discussed, this creature has an entirely self inflicted need to cause a ruckus, which short of not proposing in the first place, cannot be counteracted or extinguished by logic, reason or the combined fire power of the Army, Navy and Air Force. Godzilla’s rampage could be prevented, but if you see Bridezilla coming, the only thing you can do is run like hell.

Gem Wilson is a fashion writer who works with wedding photographers and stylists to produce wedding albums that even the most hard to please bride would be happy with.

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