Great Commitment Gifts Without The “I Do” Attachment

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great_committment_gifts_without_the_i_do_attachmentMany couples today are holding off on marriage because other commitments such as college, military obligations and career goals are getting in the way at present.

It doesn’t mean that their love for one another isn’t strong or that their commitment to each other is not significant to eventually lead them to the alter.

Oftentimes, a couple may feel that they want to get their career or college goals in line before they decide to get married and start a family.

There are several ways a person can show their love, devotion, and commitment towards the other person, particularly with special tokens.


Nothing says I love you more than jewelry. Whether you’re a man or woman, you’re certain to find a piece of jewelry that symbolizes the love you are feeling for your significant other.

Online jewelry stores have a wide selection of watches, rings, bands, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more. Shopping online is also cost effective due to the amazing sales the retail establishments pass on to the consumer.

You can also shop around to ensure that you get the best deal on your purchase. Many online establishments might also allow you to customize your order and add personalized inscriptions.

Though an engagement ring is a special piece of jewelry and signifies upcoming nuptials, diamond promise rings can also signify the same level of love and devotion without the promise of a marriage.

This relationship ultimately may lead to marriage, but for the time being, by gifting of a promise ring, one can show their level of commitment. Often, by shopping for these online, a person can find a variety of styles at inexpensive prices but with high quality.

Digital Camera

A digital camera is the ideal commitment gift for someone who enjoys marking the many occasions of their lives together through photographs.

As you travel together throughout the years, you’re sure to enjoy many momentous events such as work promotions, birthdays and anniversaries of your life together as a couple.

Having a digital record of the celebrations will keep your memories alive. You can also put together a digital album or scrapbook of your time together.

Personalized Artwork

Artwork can have significant meaning for a couple, and it can take on many forms. If you have a favorite artist, you can have a design created especially for your loved one.

This can hang in a prominent place in your dwelling and showcases your commitment to your relationship.

You can also personalize the creation by adding both your names engraved on the tree of a canvas print, or replicate a photo of you both holding hands as you stroll through a nature setting.

Gifting Words of Love

Showing your commitment doesn’t always have to come with a price. You can also offer words of love to show how much you care for a partner by writing a letter, poem or love song.

Include special moments that you’ve shared together as a couple, and what it means to have them in your life today. Something that comes from the heart will have a significant impact on your relationship as a couple.

Today’s technological advances have also made it easy for you to create an audio version of a love letter. Whether you send an audio love note in a greeting card, YouTube video or voice recorded love note, your gift can be enjoyed over and over again.

More and more couples are choosing to show their commitment to one another while waiting to jump start their careers, graduate from college, or even finish military obligations.

Showing how much you care can take on many forms today from promise rings and engraved watches to artwork and love songs, and show your partner that you truly love them and are committed and devoted for life with the notion of holding off on the “I do.”

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