Guaranteed Turn-offs For Men

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turn-offs-for-menWhen it comes to dating and relationships it can be all too easy to slip up and a guaranteed way for this to happen is accidentally being guilty of too many turn-offs for the opposite sex.

Everyone is different of course and people have their own detailed personality traits but it could be suggested that men have a few generally shared dislikes. These are some of the biggest things that men find a turn-off, and it is highly likely that women will too, so it could definitely be a good idea to avoid these.

Talking too much about an ex
Every person in a relationship wants to feel like their partner is a good listener and someone they can share anything with. A big part of a relationship is finding out all about the other person and this naturally includes their past relationships.

It is however easy to go too far with this and to talk more about an ex than the person you are with at present. Any man who is worth being with will be willing to listen to anything you want to tell him but at the same time it is slightly unfair to constantly bring up someone you used to be with, and this is of course the same for men mentioning ex-girlfriends and wives.

Whether you are male or female you should definitely steer a long way clear of comparing your partner to someone that you used to be with.

It is natural for a relationship to mean that the majority of your time is spent with your partner but there should also be plenty of opportunity for each person to see their friends. Nobody wants to feel like the person they are with is too possessive and does not allow them to live their life so never deny them the opportunity to see friends or family, and again, this should be reciprocated.

Putting a downer on things
If you act in a positive way then this will reflect on those you spend time with. With this thought in mind it is important to avoid putting a negative spin on things that happen, as testing as that can sometimes be.

It is obvious that someone who always acts awkwardly and stubbornly will make any relationship feel like a child-minding assignment but even worse than this is showing a lack of emotion or compassion. Recognise the difference between making him chase you and making him feel like he is insignificant.

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