Guide to the Perfect Hen Night

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You’re getting married, and have spent months planning the perfect wedding. With your partner, you have organised everything from the catering and the music to the venue and, most importantly of all, the ceremony itself. While the wedding is a huge event that should be fun yet memorable, you’ll want to let off steam for one last time before you tie the knot, and to do just that, it might be worth going on a hen night with your friends to bow out as a single lady in style.

A hen night, much like a stag night for men, is the final night of freedom for a woman before they commit to marriage. During the hen night, you could do anything whether it’s a night at the theatre, a few drinks followed by a trip to your favourite nightclub or maybe something different like visiting a theme park. The possibilities are endless for hen nights, but what should the perfect one be like? Here are a few suggestions for your consideration:

  • Choose the perfect venue. It should be somewhere that’s ideal for letting your inhibitions go. A bar would be a good place to start, as you can have a few drinks and maybe something to eat before you embark on your next activity. Also plan where else you want to go – the cinema, theatre, or maybe a nightclub would be great.
  • Invite who you want, providing they’re female. The perfect hen night should be with your closest friends and any close relatives you have. Being among the people you love will make your night all the more enjoyable.

  • Plan some fun activities. Drinking games, a visit to a casino or even a few games at home will work for your hen night. However, there are more leftfield activities you and your friends could do – wine tasting, visiting an art gallery or perhaps go abroad for a weekend and do something fun there. If that idea’s not memorable, then what is?
  • Take plenty of photos. You’ll want to capture every moment during your hen night, so you might want to take a camera or, if needs be, use your smartphone as you don’t have to carry an additional camera around.
  • Bring plenty of money. You’ll need to get a taxi home if you’re out late, plus there’s all the spending on food, drink and tickets depending on what you’re doing.

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