Guidelines For Online Dating

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Over a hundred years ago, the only way to see communicate with someone you are interested in courting is to go on your horse carriage and travel across town to see her.  Cars and telephones were then invented, making even easier to keep in touch.  And now, we have the internet.

The concept of online dating may seem like a foreign concept to older folks.  It is just another medium for people to meet.  Here are some guidelines:

  •  If looks are important to you, make sure to check out a few different angles of the person.  Be sure to get pictures from a few different angles and some clear pictures of the person.  Pictures can be deceiving, so make sure you get a variety.
  • Have a picture up and write something about yourself on your profile.  You will definitely increase your chances of getting a response.
  • Make your message witty. Or at least send something more than “Hi” or “How u doin.”  If you are messaging someone who you think is attractive, chances are there are plenty of other people messaging her as well.  She has to go through many messages so make sure your message and main picture stands out.  In addition, do try to hone your grammar skills.  It is so unattractive to read a message that seems like it is from a 3rd grader.  Put your A-game face on.
  • Try other forms of communication first before meeting in person.  You can start off slowly and chat online, but make sure to talk on the phone before you even meet the person.  As much as it sounds like an interview, the phone is the next best way to get to know someone before you meet them.  You can use it as a way to screen them and see if you can hold a conversation with them.  You end up saving precious time if you don’t like how they are on the phone.
  • Meet in public.  Do not meet at each other’s apartments.  You don’t know the person, so play it safe.
  • Do not be too offended if the person is fickle.  It is much easier to blow someone off when you don’t know them and have no ties to them (like in the same classroom) and especially if you have never met him/her.
  • Have fun and don’t put too much pressure on yourself or on him/her.  Don’t go in with tons of expectations.  The best approach is to go with the flow and try to have fun.

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