Having Headaches On How To Plan For Your Engagement Party?

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Proposing and having the proposal accepted is one of the greatest days in a person’s life. Right after it, planning to host an engagement party is one of the best ways of making the journey for the couple start on the right foot. The party may be purposed to serve a number of functions, however one of them should be to make sure that the parents of both parties get to meet each other in a jovial atmosphere. Normally, the best way for family, friends, and colleagues to receive the news of the engagement is through this very party.

  • Timing

One of the things that need to be put in mind while planning is the time the event will be held. Most people prefer having it in the evening; however, in the case where many children are expected to attend as well, an afternoon would work best. The presence of children also indicates that perhaps you should hold a garden event so that they have space to explore. The party does not have to be held on the actual day of the engagement and it should not be put too close to the wedding as this could bring complications in planning.

  • Attendants

Well, engagement events have the option of being a small family and very close friends’ affair or a very big event, inviting many people. The kind of party you are planning for is what determines who you will invite and where the venue will be. One thing about this kind of an event is that he more close the people invited, the smaller that an event appears to be.  In the planning, knowing how many people to invite is a key factor as many other factors hinge on it.

  • Venue

One good thing about an engagement party venue is that it can be just about anywhere! It can be an evening meal in the home, which means that the bride-to-be’s family act as the host and it can be a more social affair where an event caterer is called upon to offer their service for the event. Where the couple is adventurous and fun loving, a club can even serve as the venue.

  • Invitations

The invitations are always best when sent at least one and a half to two months before the party. In the case where the couple decides to have the traditional formal dinner, then the bride’s parents are the ones responsible for sending the invitations.  One factor that should be clear is that this kind of party does not invite everyone you know. An engagement party works best when the people invited are few and are close to the engaged couple, and their families.

The final three weeks should be left for the final planning, like making sure the menu is as desired, the venue is confirmed to be free in the day of the party and checking to see if there are any people invited that might not make it.

These last days are the ones that indicate whether extra plates and glasses have to be prepared for, confirming that both parents are free as the party would be incomplete without them being present. In short, the final two weeks are the busiest, but when done properly, an engagement party is a good way to usher in the wedding mood!

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