Hiring A Wedding Planner: Pros And Cons

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wedding plannerWe’ve all seen the movie: Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey trading moralistic refusals over the disastrous plans for their failed weddings.

The opening scenes of The Wedding Planner lend an idea of glamour or glitz to the idea of hiring a planner for your own special day, particularly when you realize how much there is to juggle.

It can be overwhelming seeking the right classy floral arrangement, the perfect vintage wedding invitations, or a delicious – and appropriately sized – cake.

So what are the Pros and Cons of hiring a wedding planner? Well, obviously the first

Pro: You Have A Wedding Planner

This most obvious upside is the reason brides and grooms consider consultants or coordinators. They take a lot of the guesswork out of the process, and they handle many of the details you’d just as soon overlook.

A great wedding planner will help you flesh out your dream wedding, and then take the details out of your hands and deliver that ideal. On the other hand, that comes with it’s own

Con: You Have To Pay A Wedding Planner

These people devote weeks, perhaps more, to planning your wedding. That comes with a hefty price tag, as consultant fees and even wedding planner packages can be prohibitively expensive. If you’re on a budget, you might be afraid to even consider a wedding planner. Before you panic, look into it. There is an upside brides don’t always remember. Yet another

Pro: Wedding Planners Can Get You Discounts

Yes, you have to pay them, but in return, you get access to the special discount prices most good wedding planners can provide.

They have relationships with vendors, florists, caterers, and venues, and often those relationships come with a substantial discount.

It’s just possible that a wedding planner can save you more than they cost you, and they’re willing to do all of the haggling. Be certain, however, that you sign an agreement at the outset, and understand how much money it’s going to cost you.

Con: Having a Planner Can Eliminate Personal Touches

Great wedding planners work hard to allow brides individuality, but at some point, they are making decisions based on their own experience and taste. While this may be great, it can also prohibit you, as a bride or groom from adding personal flair to the wedding.

Maybe the bride really has her eye on some lovely vintage wedding invitations, but the wedding planner has already casually ordered an invitation set that he or she has used before. Boundaries and influence can be tricky to manage.

All in all you have to ask yourself whether you’re up to the task of planning a wedding on your own or whether you need professional help.

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