How Can You Catch A Cheating Partner?

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Private investigators and surveillance companies offer services to help individuals with problems associated to work or social life that require tracking the movements and activities of offenders – but are these services just a form of entrapment and an invasion of privacy for the victim?

Individuals have the opportunity to hire private investigators for tasks such as tracing debtors, sickness absenteeism, pre-employment screening, mystery shopping, process serving and other types of surveillance.

However, it is the relationship investigations which are particularly noteworthy and controversial in their execution. While they are promoted by private investigation companies to provide the customer with a “peace of mind” when concerned about possible infidelity issues, the targets of such surveillance may claim to be the victim of entrapment.

After all, while nobody wants to endorse unfaithful relationships, surely it is down to the individuals themselves to sort out any problems they may have rather than hiring third parties to do the “dirty work” so to speak. If you can’t trust your partner in the first place then what’s the point?

Is this type of surveillance – or stalking as some may abruptly describe it – legal? Well, as long as the investigation services stay within certain parameters then tracking the cheating spouse is completely above board. According to UK law, surveillance can be a process of documenting information. Therefore, as long as an investigator does not trespass or install a GPS device on the victim’s vehicle then these surveillance teams have nothing to worry about.

What about if a relationship investigation disproves the theory of a cheating spouse? Does the consumer leave with egg on their face? Well, not quite. A large hole in their pocket maybe, but private investigators insist that they are 100 per cent confidential and that the subject of surveillance will be kept in the dark about the tracking of their personal lives.

Peace of mind for the customer? Perhaps. But wouldn’t you be struck with feelings of guilt towards your spouse now? Especially if they’re not cheating – and, if you do tell them, what would they think? They probably wouldn’t be too pleased.

Private investigators can certainly serve a very useful purpose with a number of their specialist services but whether relationship surveillance is really essential or indeed ethical is questionable. Ask yourself this; if you’re worried about your partner or spouse being unfaithful to you then surely you can’t trust them regardless?

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