How to Avoid Post-Divorce Depression

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Diamond Wedding BandsDivorce is a stressful event that can cause you to fall into a deep depression. Depression has the potential to impact all aspects of your life from your job to your parenting capabilities. There are steps that you can take to decrease the chances of suffering from depression during and after the divorce happens.

1. Change your routine. Old habits die hard and it may be painful to continue to do the same things you did day after day while married. Consider getting a job if you didn’t work before, finding a new hobby or meeting new people to expand your social circles.

2. Turn to your friends. It may be tempting to shut yourself in your room and grieve over the divorce, but this can be very detrimental to your mental health. Lean on your friends and family members to take your mind off the situation. Sometimes it helps to have someone to talk to about your feelings.

3. Talk to a third party. If you have friends or family that are personally involved in the divorce process and know both you and your ex-spouse, it may be necessary to consult with someone who knows nothing about the current situation. They can be unbiased and give you advice that isn’t influenced by past experiences or ideas. A psychiatrist is someone who may be able to help you understand and organize your feelings.

4. Make a plan. It is always good to keep your mind busy. You don’t need to plan for months or years ahead, but you can establish a strong plan for what you’re going to do tomorrow or during this week. Make small steps on going forward in your life to avoid dwelling on the past, which can trigger depressive thoughts.

5. Do a complete clean out of your home. It may be tempting to hold on to some sentimental belongings that were special to you during your marriage, but think about whether these are good for your mental health. If something triggers depressive thoughts or makes you upset every time you look at it, you may want to consider donating or selling it. If you aren’t ready to part with it just yet, pack it up in a box and store it somewhere that you don’t go such as a closet or in your garage until you can let go.

Divorce is stressful, but it doesn’t have to lead to depression. Take charge of your life and remain positive to move forward from this difficult time.

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