How To Get A Guy To Propose To You If He’s Currently Too Chicken

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It can be difficult being an unmarried girl when you get to a certain age. Suddenly Facebook starts filling up with friends who are getting married and suddenly all your friends and loved ones it seems are tying the knot.

You’re surrounded by pictures of weddings constantly, and even worse you’ll be going to a whole bunch of them. Then you’ll be chatting about weddings and about flower arrangements and wedding bands, and in short you can find yourself starting to get some severe envy.

Unfortunately though the time you get married is largely out of your control. As the woman you mostly just have to wait patiently and hope that your guy proposes, and any attempt to try and hurry things along will most likely only end up scaring him further into putting it off.

But there are some things you can do if you’re subtle. If you’re impatient for your big day and you feel your guy just needs a little push, here are some things you can do to help the process along.

Be the Perfect Girlfriend

The problem with many women who get impatient that they aren’t married, is that they can end up making matters worse by being upset about it.

If you’ve ever though ‘if he won’t marry me, then I won’t do anything for him’ then you should take a moment to recognise just how backward that logic is.

Proposing is a huge step remember, so your guy has to feel that he’s absolutely in the right relationship. If you start giving him the cold shoulder and pushing him away, then you’ll find you end up moving in the wrong direction.

Of course you shouldn’t start waiting on him hand and foot either in a bid to win his affections: doing so will only create unrealistic expectations for married life and get you into a bad pattern.

Rather then, focus on being generous and selfless in general and on strengthening your relationship so that he really feels safe and ready to make that move.

Take Him to Weddings

Another thing to do is to start taking your guy to other weddings and spending time with married couples. If he was afraid of spiders, then a psychologist might help him to get over this by gradually exposing him to them more and more.

The exact same process can work with weddings too, so long as he actually enjoys those weddings and they don’t end up going horribly wrong. Again, this can of course end up having the opposite effect.

Make the Wedding Sound Good

Talking about your wedding in a non-threatening way is also a good idea, so that he can start to see that it’s not just a big scary event.

Often the reason that guys don’t propose sooner is that they’re afraid of the wedding day almost as much as what it means. Make it sound cool and fun by talking about the wedding limo, the stag do, the hen party and the dancing and he might come to be as eager as you…

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