How To Get Your Marriage Off To The Very Best Start

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Getting married is a huge commitment and a great step to take. Of course it’s highly daunting and can be very intimidating at first, but in theory it should also be incredibly comforting and reassuring. When you marry someone it means tying a permanent bond with someone and thus ensuring that they will always be there for you and that you will always have someone to love and to share your life with.

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But in order for this occasion to be as magical as it should be, it’s crucial to ensure that you get off to a good start. Your first year of marriage is in many ways the most special, but it can also be the most difficult (at least until that ‘three year itch’). Here’s how to make sure it’s all it could be.


Set the Tone

Here’s a little something that many people don’t realise when they go into a new relationship or a marriage – the habits that you set up now will dictate the nature of your relationship for years to come.


In other words, if you don’t like the idea of doing all the washing up then you need to make that clear as soon as your marriage begins. Likewise, if you feel you’re always the one giving massages and you don’t get enough in return then state your complaint at the start of your marriage. This might seem like a harsh or even negative way to begin your new life together, but you’ll find that this is the perfect opportunity to reassess the ‘terms’ of your relationship and this becomes much harder once you’ve both gotten used to a certain status quo.


Avoid Other Stresses

Getting married is wonderful but it’s also very stressful and you’re both going to be on tenterhooks when you start out and you’ll be much more volatile and prone to outbursts as a result.


In other words then, make sure you respect that fact and don’t pile on a ton of other stresses and big life changes at the same time. If you’re getting married, then you don’t also need to move home right now or to spend all your money redecorating. Give your new marriage some breathing room and get used to that before you start inviting more huge ordeals – otherwise it may just seem all a bit too much…

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Start As You Mean to Go On

When you first get married you are going to mark the occasion with a wedding celebration of course, but also with jewellery and your honeymoon. These will set the tone for your marriage so if you have a rotten time on your honeymoon and your ring shatters on the third day… well let’s just say that you might take it as an omen.

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In short then it’s important to make sure that you really invest in making everything perfect right from the offset by splashing out on the most wonderful honeymoon you can imagine and by investing in a beautiful wedding band that will be representative of the way you feel about each other.

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