How to Impress a Girl

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Impress a GirlMen always want to know how to impress a girl. They always think of ways they can get the attention of women they like. Most men will try to prove that they could be a woman’s dream man. But they seem to be so scared because they think they are not that handsome, rich or desirable. They’re wrong, it’s not the looks or the wealth that counts; it’s about how you present yourself.

Others think that there are only two kinds of men: one who has the inborn talent of impressing women and the other is a jerk who has never gotten anywhere and never will. But there’s a third kind, the ones who learn. So here are some simple instructions to impress that special woman of your dreams with a style. Use these relationship tips to prove yourself and you’ll automatically impress the object of your affections.

First of all, take a look at yourself and ask yourself if you are impressive the way you look now. If the answer is no then you really need to clean yourself up. If you said yes, don’t stop; there’s always a place for improvement. The first thing to do would be improving your grooming. It could be a change in your hairstyle, a change in the way you dress, the way you talk and simple things like that.

If you’re trying to impress someone who doesn’t spend their day talking slang and you show up “what’s up shorty” how do you think she will react? Make yourself clean, take a bath, brush your teeth and do gargle and floss, wash your face, remove unnecessary hair. These details may seem trivial but people will notice. Especially women because they really pay more attention to those little things the same way men do.

Next, be more intellectual and feed your mind. Women really want a guy who seems to know something, not necessarily to the point where you seem look like a geek who knows everything about science, math and history. Just try to read some books, magazines, and watch the news to know a about current events. Don’t ever brag; stay humble on things you know because women don’t like arrogant guys. Try asking things that you are curious about. Women are impressed by men who are intriguing and take initiative.

The next step would be to do little things that are fairly noticeable, but don’t crave too much attention because it will backfire. It freaks women out. For example, try to help them if you get a chance. This shows your genuine desire about their concerns. Start conversations and try to make women comfortable with you. Use tasteful jokes because women really love guys who make them laugh. Loosen up and be patient, get things done slowly. Don’t be hasty. Make your date think.

Learning how to impress a girl is an art when everyone has their own distinctive style. All the above tips are guides to help you customize your own techniques. Who you are is who you present yourself to be; impress yourself, and you will easily impress others.

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