How to Make a Marriage Work

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married-coupleThere is no secret to a perfect marriage because a perfect marriage doesn’t exist. I don’t mean to put a dampener on things but an eternal relationship with someone is not small deal; it takes hard work, tears, talking and understanding. Despite all the advice you can get, every marriage is different however, here are some pointers to help you and your partner to minimise the drama and maximise the romance as much as possible.

Don’t Stop Dating

Making time for each other in the run of every-day life is essential. Getting lazy isn’t an option; these things are meant to be fun for you both so no excuses. Going out together for dinner, a film, a bike ride, going to seeing a show or trying something new will all help keep the flame from going out.

Double Up

Mixing it up can help too. Inviting other couples to join you can give experiences together a different spin. Spending time with other couples can also give you both some folks to relate to.

Seek out older, successful married couples in your family or circle of friends and ask for their advice. As much as your contemporaries may have great support and advice, they’re likely to be early in the game. A well seasoned marriage is sure to have some wise words to share.

Communication is Key

Talking, talking, talking; it never changes. Whether you’re in your twenties or your eighties, the importance of communication is the same. Remember who you’re talking to, the person who has committed to you for life, your lover and best friend on the planet. He or she is there to listen when you need to verbal vomit and visa versa. Bottling up will smoulder and snowball issues that need to be addressed, no matter how small they are.

Don’t Lose Your Sense of Self

Being married doesn’t mean you have to live in each other’s pockets. You need your own hobbies, friends and break outs from the family or home unit. Don’t be afraid to go out alone with people and enjoy your own company. As long as you make time for each other too, you can strike a great balance. Invest in exercise classes, look at garden sheds for hobbie huts or start a poker night. Whatever it is, you guys need to keep you ticking individually, it will work wonders for your

Do you have any tips to keeping a marriage on track?

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