How To Not Look Like A Creep While Online Dating

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online dating creepDating online can be extremely successful for some, and daunting for others.

Whether you are new to the dating scene or if you are simply looking to try your luck with an online dating profile, appearance and impressions are everything when you first begin to talk with others from home.

If you want to date online but you do not want to look like a creep to potential dates themselves, there are a few tips and tricks to ensure your profile appears as attractive as possible while still showing your true personality.

Choose the Right Photos

When you make an online profile for a dating community, choosing the right photos to represent yourself can ultimately make all of the difference in the type of responses you receive.

Avoid posting shirtless photos or only photos of your body if you plan on approaching a potential partner. Instead, a full-body photos or a picture of your face is often more approachable, friendly and much less creepy.

Avoid Cliche’s

Do not send anyone you are interested in cheesy pickup lines, prose poetry or other cliches that are unappealing and may quickly turn them off. Instead, just be yourself and embrace who you are.

Stop Trying So Hard

When you try to be witty with each response or approach you have in online dating you may come off as desperate or trying to hard.

Additionally, some men and women are capable of picking up on whether you are using standard PUA (pick up artist) tricks, and this will ruin your chances entirely of getting the date you truly want.

Build Trust Over Time

Building trust over time is essential when it comes to online dating. Asking to go out immediately before talking and getting to know one another may come off as creepy or a red flag to some.

Requesting that your date comes home with you or begins to spend time in your home immediately after meeting may also be a red flag and diminish your chances of a follow up date.

Becoming self-aware when you begin to date online is essential. Making sure your dates are always comfortable without being too pushy or clingy will help to contribute to building trust.

Be Honest

Create your profile with honesty and avoid lying whatsoever, especially when you are looking for truth and honesty back.

Do not lie about the type of work you do or whether you want children or not, as this can often contribute to the demise of relationships if it is not clear when you first begin dating someone.

Avoid Getting Clingy Too Fast

If you are just getting back into the dating scene it is important to avoid getting too clingy too fast, as this is often a turnoff for those who are more experienced with dating or seeking casual dates in the beginning.

Do not ask for schedules and what the individual you are dating is up to each day, as this can come off annoying and too pushy.

Understanding how to not look like a creep while you are online dating will help to attract more potential dates while showing off who you truly are in a friendly and inviting way.

Being able to carefully maneuver how you present yourself is a way for you to truly feel confident without being overly cocky or unappealing to the opposite sex.

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