How to Prepare for Your Hot Date

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It’s finally happened – you’ve landed a date with that special someone you’ve had your eye on. Now, however, you might be feeling even more nervous than before, as you may have just this one chance to make a good impression. If you want to make sure that your romantic rendezvous goes off without a hitch, you’ll want to take stock of the following helpful hints.

1. Wear Something You’re Comfortable With

Of course, your outfit can say a lot about you. It can be elegant and formal, playful and casual, or somewhere in between. Your choice will probably vary depending on the nature of your date – dinner at a fancy restaurant demands something a little more classy than a morning coffee at the local Costa. Whatever you choose, make sure that you feel confident and attractive. Wearing your favourite flattering black dress can give your attitude a makeover, ensuring that your date will feel like they’ve landed a real catch!

2. Pick an Appropriate Scent

Perfume is par for the course on a date, and we all have our favourites. Unfortunately, some people have a tendency to use daytime scents at night and vice versa. Alternatively, and even worse, there are those who completely douse themselves in fragrance. Your date should never start coughing after they get into a cab with you! Try to use light, floral aromas during the day. For a night time date, it’s ok to go for something a little heavier, with elements of fruit and woody scents. Remember: one or two sprays at most.

3. Look After Your Oral Hygiene

No one wants to kiss somebody who has smelly breath. Almost everyone knows to brush their teeth before leaving for their date, but fewer consider the fact that your dinner and drinks will have made their mark by the time you lean in for that good night smooch. Take some gum with you and surreptitiously chew it after you’ve had anything to eat or drink.

If you’re worried about the freshness of your breath, you’ll instinctively refrain from smiling and laughing – two things which should definitely be happening on a date! If you’re worried because you’re embarrassed about your smile, consider having some orthodontic work done. These days, braces for adults can be completely invisible. The cost is surely outweighed by the boost in your confidence.

4. Read the News

Unless you know that you and your date have a lot of interests in common, try to brush up on current affairs. Of course, an integral part of dating is exploring each others’ passions and personalities, but it could be that there’s less to discuss than you first think. Familiarising yourself with some interesting topics will prevent uncomfortable situations where the conversation has run dry.

This is a guest post.  Rosie Waters is a journalist and blogger from Brighton. She loves her work, and is currently writing a book which will explore the intricacies of the dating world.

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