How To Push The Boat Out On Your Wedding

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center-piecesWeddings are all about indulgence and excess, and from the word go you should be doing everything you can to make your big day as impressive and memorable as possible. This is a celebration of your love, and it’s something you’ll hopefully only do once, so you really want to pull out all the stops wherever possible.


But that being said there are still ‘levels’ to which you’ll want to pull out all the stops. While you’re going to make this a more extravagant and ambitious party than any you’ve ever thrown, your budget and your tastes might still limit you.


Let’s imagine though for a minute that there are no limits on what you want to accomplish for you celebration. What would a wedding look like if you really did pull out every stop and push the boat out? Here’s how to make your wedding one to really remember.


Not Two Venues But Three

While most weddings will take place in two venues – one for the ceremony and one for the reception, on occasion they will stop off in between for afternoon tea. This is a very nice extra which can help everyone to relax and chat before the festivities kick off fully, so it’s worth looking into if you have the extra money.

The Venues

For the main venues you should of course be thinking ‘grand’ if you want to make an impressive showing. This might mean a large castle for instance, or a huge church, while for the reception it could mean a manor house or a large luxurious hotel where everyone can stay. Look for the most decadent thing you can find, but also try and add an element of the unexpected which will be more likely to impress.



Having a live band at your wedding is a great way to make more of a party atmosphere and is more exciting than just having a DJ. If you really want to go crazy, see if you can hire a name that people will recognize – how cool would it be to have Billy Idol singing White Wedding on your big day?


The Best Transport

Organizing transportation is an important part of your planning and something you mustn’t forget. All too often people will leave this aspect to the last minute, but this is something that can make a huge difference to your day. If you travel like royalty then you will feel like royalty.


Look then into the most luxurious way you can possibly travel – which will normally getting a wedding limousine. Think about your guests as well, and if you can’t afford for everyone to travel by limo, then looking into maybe using a party bus for everyone else.


Centre Pieces

A centre piece is a great way to enhance the impact of your reception and can add extra focus to your layout. A great example of a centre piece is an ice sculpture, a water feature, while a huge enough cake can make a decadent centre piece of its own.


The author of this post, Heather Jefferson, is a well-known wedding planner. She tries her best to organize the most unique and spectacular weddings arrangements for her clients. Although she has planned some really extravagant weddings, she still believes that nothing can beat the charm of a simple beach wedding.

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