How To Say “I Do” – Knowing When Your Ready For Engagement

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ProposalAs people we spend a great deal of time in our lives searching for that perfect someone to live our lives with.

Seldom do we sit and spend time thinking about what to do after we find someone to love.

Navigating the trials and tribulations of love itself is difficult enough, no shame in not having everything planned out.

Still if you’re approaching the first stage before marriage it’s important to remember some key factors before accepting an engagement proposal.

Have you spent enough time with this person? Are you lost in the emotion and being swayed by passion and lust, as opposed to taking it all in rationally?

These are things you need to determine before getting yourself hurt, let alone hurting someone else. The question everyone comes to eventually is “how do I determine if I’m being unreasonable about all of this?”

The answer isn’t simple. You will need to take a look at a many factors and be capable of a calm, objective, thought process. Without these things in tow you will be lost before you even begin.

Do you Really Know Them?

Sure the romance is wonderful, your private life rocks, and neither one of you is hurting for money, but is that really all that matters? When it comes to planning for the future nothing you need to be sure you can co-exist with this person for the rest of your natural life.

Even though divorce is always possible, the reality is no one wants to experience the legal fiasco that’s associated with the process. There are several things to factor in when answering whether you truly know your lover or not. First off think about how long you have been dating them up to this point.

Aim for a solid two years dating before committing to anything long term. Be sure to have lived with them for at least a year during that two year period. Going out on dates with someone you don’t live with is simple, maintaining the passion once you’re sleeping in the same bed every night can be hard.

Living with your lover is the only sure way you can truly say that you know them in and out. Once you have answered these two questions you can move onto more serious inquiries regarding your compatibility with your lover.

Future Planning

Have you ever sat down with your significant other and asked them about where they see themselves in the future? What they would want in order to feel accomplished and contented with life?

If not then you really should. If your plans for life are not anywhere near compatible with your lovers then you are going to run into some complications later on.

Make sure that your plans are compatible and allow you both to feel as if you’re making progress in life. You would deal with constant stress in your life if you felt that your significant other was the reason you were unable to pursue your dreams and goals.

Know who you are

For some people in life their problem is often that those they love are not prepared for commitment. The opposite is equally true and for some it requires self-reflection.

In order to make the right choices in life for many things you are better served by knowing who you are. By being completely regarding your shortcoming s you will be better prepared to handle them. In relationships this is useful for detecting when you are doing a number of things.

From being clingy to settling for someone you’re not truly in love with. The ability to self-analyze and honestly inform yourself about a potential problem is useful. Be sure to reflect on yourself and what’s going on in your relationship.

Don’t be afraid to admit to yourself that you didn’t enjoy your time with someone. Often time’s people know when their relationship is in jeopardy before it happens but they refuse to listen to their gut.


Hopefully my tips can help you determine how in love you are with your special someone. While some of my tips may seem a bit cold and removed, remember that these are tips for avoiding something as disastrous as divorce.

If a small amount of planning can help prevent such a drama filled and financially painful event then it was worth it. I do sincerely hope that my advice can help some.

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