How To Stop Having Awkward First Dates

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First dates are notorious for being awkward and uncomfortable. The long pauses in conversation while racking your brain for something, anything, to talk about are enough to have you dreading your next first date. But it doesn’t need to be this way! Here are four ways to stop having awkward first dates.

Keep it short. First dates don’t need to be drinks, dinner and a movie. The pressure of spending that much time with a virtual stranger can seem overwhelming. You don’t know if you can stand to be around them for five minutes, let alone five hours. The best first dates are set up as a meet and greet, with a definite end time, with an option to extend of course. Meet at a bar after work for happy hour and if things are going well, find a place nearby to grab dinner. It’s much easier to extend your time together than to cut a date short, so don’t trap yourself into an entire evening with someone you don’t know. If the date is going sour, at least you’ll know you only have to be polite for an hour or so.

Ask questions. Avoiding those awkward silences is the goal, and the best way to make sure your date keeps talking is to ask them questions about themselves. People love to talk about themselves, and this way you’re learning about them while keeping the conversation moving. Of course, you don’t want to sound like you’re interrogating them, so be sure to throw in some information about yourself as well. And if the conversation is still lacking, well at least you tried!

Make it an activity. Sometimes asking questions still isn’t enough to get the conversation flowing. A great way to combat this is to select a first date that is more of an activity, rather than just sitting across a table from one another. Doing something together is a wonderful way to bond with your date, and you’ll be creating memories from the start. You don’t need to choose something that you are good at, even better if you don’t, actually! Take this as an opportunity to laugh together and let down your walls.

Embrace the awkward. Chances are, if you feel that things are awkward, your date does too. Instead of trying to gloss over it and make it go away, run with it! Making a joke about how nerve-racking first dates are will take the edge of the situation. Sometimes all it takes is one good laugh to get the conversation started. You will forget all about the awkwardness soon!

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