How To Survive The Worst Dating Situations

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In a perfect world, guy meets girl, they fall in love, have kids, and live happily ever after.  In the real world, many of your dates will be less than perfect.  Some will be downright awful and appalling.  What you are about to read will not be the most orthodox way to go about things, but they are options to consider when you are in terrible dating situations.

1)      You and your friend both like the same guy.  You are infatuated with a guy and you tell your friend all about him only to realize that the guy she has been crushing on is the same one.  Remember, hoes before bros.  Depending on how much you value your friendship with her, the best thing to do is to back down.  There are too many fishes in the sea for you to lose your friendship over just one guy.  Plus, it all depends on who this guy likes anyway.  Next time, make it easier on yourself and hang out with ugly chicks.  Just kidding.  I told you my methods aren’t the most orthodox.

2)      She has reached stalker status.  She calls you 12 times in a row and leaves countless voice mails and you feel so harassed to the point that you have to turn off your phone.  She waits for you to get out of work.  After cursing yourself out for letting her into your life in the first place, change your phone number, tell her you will get a restraining order, and never ever pick up her phone calls or respond to any email or text from her.  If you respond even one time, she will try 10 more times just to have that 1% chance that you will respond.  Save all communication with her in case you really do need to start filing for a restraining order.

3)      He makes you feel uncomfortable with his sexual advances.   Any guy that makes you feel uncomfortable is no good.  Let’s say you just finished having dinner with him and he tells the cab driver to take the two of you to his apartment.  It is 11pm and all you want to do is be in the comfort of your own home.  He increasingly makes you feel more uncomfortable.  Tell the cab driver as soon as possible to pull over at the next subway station.  If he is the one driving, then you are screwed.

Well, maybe not completely.  As soon as he stops at a traffic light, jump out.  Do NOT go home with him the first night and think you guys are just going to have a deep conversation over wine and cheese.  If you do want to go home with him, then realize what kind of situation you are putting yourself in.  You will be alone with him, so just be sure you are comfortable with that idea.

4)      You girlfriend threatens to kill herself if you break up with her.  This is tough one.  We all know that people who threaten to kill themselves are trying to seek help.  If they really wanted to do it, they would have done it already.  Do not become the sacrificial lamb and give up your happiness and stay with her because she uses that threat.  She will most likely not go through it.  Making that threat just to force you to stay with her is very selfish.

If reasoning with her doesn’t work, try to get her counseling if you are able to.  Tell her parents and her friends and let them take care of her.  The only thing you should feel guilty about if she does go through with it is not telling anyone about her threat beforehand.  I saw one situation where the guy just decided to treat his girlfriend so poorly as a way for her to make her want to initiate the break up herself.  That might not be the best way to go, but again, do not sacrifice a few extra years of your happiness and be with her knowing it is a dead end.

When all else fails, go with your gut feeling and survival instincts.



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