How To Tell A Good Wedding Photographer

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photographerWhen you start planning your wedding, you’ll find that you’re forced to rely on the services of a lot of people and that you have to add a whole list of new names to your phone book.

These range from photographers, to hair stylists, to florists to cake makers and that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. The scary part is that all of these people will play a key role on your big day and that you’ll be absolutely relying on them if you want everything to go smoothly.

With the photographer for instance, you will want to ensure that you hire someone who is professional and who is going to be able to take the very best pictures without impeding on the day’s events.

Otherwise, you can find that they end up getting in the way or worse that you end up with a whole batch of ugly or awkward pictures.

So how do you tell a good wedding photographer?

1 Look At Their Pictures

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The first trick to finding a good photographer is to take the time to look through their existing portfolio. Unless this is their first gig (which might be a little worrying for some), then they should have a whole range of images from different weddings.

What you’re looking for here principally, is that the photographer has the same sensibilities as you and that they take the kind of pictures that you want from your day.

Are then fun and natural, or are they posed and stylised? Even better is a photographer who is versatile – so you can get different kinds of pictures and so that they can get merge to your style.

2 Make Sure You Like Them

You don’t need me to tell you that a wedding is a very important and special event, and also a very private one. When you get married you will have had to choose carefully who to invite and who to leave off the guest list, so it will be even more annoying to have a photographer there who you find annoying.

Make sure then that you like the photographer and that you are like minded enough, so that they add to the day rather than grating on you the whole time.

3 Listen to Their Ideas

A wedding photographer should not just ‘point and click’ when they’re taking photos, but rather have a clear vision and good ideas that they can contribute to the day.

Ask them about the kinds of photos they’d like to take and see what you think of their ideas. If they bring something fresh to the day and you can see yourself getting excited at particular shots they pick, then you may have found your ideal match.

4 Ensure They’re Assertive

While you don’t want your photographer to ‘take over’ your wedding by constantly interrupting proceedings and forcing you and your guests to jump through hoops, you nevertheless do want them to be confident enough to command an audience.

A good photographer should be able to speak up in front of the crowd and get them to stand in line for you. It might be a pain at the time, but you’ll find you’re grateful for years to come.

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