How to Turn Your First Date into Happily Ever After

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Maybe you are in a new relationship or wondering if your next first date will finally be the one. Being single in the city is not easy, especially with all the celebrities falling in love and getting married. The more love we see, the more we want it. But fear not single one, these tips will help you in your next relationship. And even if you are in a relationship these tips will help you and your lovebird stay connected for the long haul.

Spend Time Away From Each Other

In the beginning of new relationships, people often stop doing their regular hobbies and hanging out with their friends so they can spend all their time with their new love interest. This is fun in the beginning, but as soon as the honeymoon stage is over, fights start and the pain of tearing apart is more drastic. Instead, practice a more mindful way of dating and spend time apart even early on. Couples who have separate interests can come together and have new experiences to share.

Don’t Talk About your Relationship with Others

There use to be a time when talking about your relationship with others was important because it gave people an outlet. But the days of blabbing to friends and sex in the city are over which means it is better to talk to your significant other. When you share the good, bad and ugly with your bff, it is hard to separate the real feelings. Your life will start to look like a reality show, and your calm, cool and collected friends will start to wonder why you are staying with such a person who causes so much pain.

Embrace the Good and Bad

In romantic relationships, people often think that if it is bad, then it is time to break up. But couples that last, know the rough patches are part of the long haul. Ask yourself is this person worth fighting for, and commit to making it through together.

Laugh and Be Silly Together

If you are on a first date, smiling is the key to showing that you are having a good time. After the relationship gets underway, smiling and laughing is even more important. Couples that laugh and play have more fun, and fun is the key ingredient to a lasting fulfilled relationship. Because at the end of the day all you really need and crave is someone who you can laugh with. If you want to laugh and love your smile visit your dentist.

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