How You Can Tell If He Likes You: Only Through His Eyes

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There are many ways that we display our attraction to someone; our body language, what we say, and the way we say it. But sometimes we get the signals wrong.

The best way to judge whether he likes you or not, is through his eyes. And the most subtle way to send signals that you like him is through your eyes.

The way that two people connect through their eye contact is very telling about their relationship with one another. If you see a couple that gaze deeply into one another’s eyes you can see that they’re happy and in love, whereas a couple who break or avoid eye contact with each other may look disinterested or bored.

The same applies with a new relationship. When you first meet someone, a lingering gaze can signal interest and attraction, while a long stare can be intimidating or uncomfortable, and a breaking of eye contact can indicate disinterest.

The Way He Looks With His Eyes

Women are a lot less obvious than men when it comes to eye contact. It has been found that, generally, they will lock eyes for a few seconds before breaking the eye contact, and then within one minute will look back. But women don’t hold the gaze of someone they are attracted to any longer than someone they aren’t.

While women tend to shy away from overt eye contact, men are generally more forward in displaying their interest. This makes their eye contact much easier to decode!

A psychology experiment was reported in the journal Archives of Sexual Behaviour in 2009. It used eye trackers to follow the eye movements of a group of 115 students (both male and female) while meeting actors and actresses. Afterwards they were asked to rate the level of attraction they felt to each person they had conversed with.

The results of the experiment showed that men looked at women they found attractive for, on average, 8.2 seconds. But that dropped to 4.5 seconds when talking to women they rated as less attractive.

As eye contact is a form of non-verbal communication, lingering eye contact is certainly a way of expressing interest and attraction non-verbally.

So pay attention to any long lingering looks.

The Way His Eyes Look

While we may consciously display our attraction to someone through making eye contact with them, our eyes have another, unconscious, way of expressing this too – through our pupils.

Our pupil size depends on the brightness of the surrounding environment. In bright light, our pupils retract so that they’re smaller, and expand in dimmer light. This is to control the amount of light that we get into our eyes.

However, our pupils also dilate when we look at an object of attraction. This is to absorb more light and get a better image.

Eyes also appear shinier, as there is an increase in tear production to ‘clean off’ any residue, and help draw in more light. This extra moisture causes the light to bounce off their eyes and make him look even more attractive to you.

By paying attention to his eyes, you can learn a lot about the way he feels about you. And remember that he may be analysing the way that you look at him too… although it’s not likely!

This article is contributed by Steph McLean. She works at, a contact lens ecommerce retailer. 

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