Just Be Yourself – 4 Ways to Impress Your Next Date

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Young CoupleSome people go so overboard in trying to impress a date that they just wind up looking pompous as a result.

At the very least, their efforts might fall somewhere between overzealous and desperate or nervous and awkward.

However, with a little self-confidence and a lot of sincerity, it is possible to impress your date without leaving a negative impression.

Just because a joke seemed funny when you heard it while standing around the office water cooler doesn’t mean that your date will share your sense of humor. This is especially true if the joke is overly corny, juvenile, or vulgar. Everybody appreciates a good laugh, but there is a time and a place for everything, but a date isn’t the time or place for those types of jokes.

Dress for Dating Success

Another thing that there is a time and a place for is your appearance. If someone showed up unannounced at your home while you were in the middle of doing yard work or deep cleaning your bathroom, then they might expect to find dirt beneath your nails or catch the occasional whiff of body odor from the sweat you worked up while exerting yourself to get the job done.

However if you show up looking or smelling like that for your date then you can be sure that you are leaving your date with a lasting impression. Sadly, it is not a good one. Make sure you are bathed, well groomed, and dressed appropriately. Go light on the scents, though as some people are bothered by heavy fragrances. If your teeth are dingy, use a teeth whitening guide to brighten that smile.

Some Positive Tips

Let’s start with attitude. A positive attitude leaves a great first impression. Avoid complaining about work, ex-significant others, gas prices, and politics. Your date can hear about those things from the morning paper to their friends’ social network status updates. Do ask her questions that keep the conversation going. Here are some other tips to help impress your next date.

  • Compliment Your Date – A little compliment goes a long way. Perhaps she has a beautiful smile, or he has excellent taste in choosing a wine to go with dinner. Your date is probably feeling a little jittery also, and giving a compliment will relax them while giving you a much needed boot of self-confidence.
  • Retain Some Mystery – If you tell everything about yourself on this date, what will you have to talk about on your next date with this person? Ask your date questions their interests, and keep the conversation going. If your date asks you questions, then it is only fair to answer. Retaining too much mystery puts you in the category of being creepily quiet, and that’s no way get a follow-up date.
  • Be Respectful – This not only means being courteous to your date, but it also means showing good manners to those around you. Avoid using foul language, and at dinner keep your voice to a normal conversation level. Stay off your cellphone whenever possible. You are on a date with this person, not the person on the other end of the phone.
  • Enjoy Yourself – You’re on a date, which means you should have fun. Nobody goes out on a date with the goal of having a gloomy time so that they can come home feeling down and depressed. But your date should not only be fun for you. If you notice that your date does not seem to be having fun, communicate and find out how to change it, before your date feigns a headache and ducks out.

Atmosphere is Everything

Where will your date take place? Some people prefer going on dates to busy events like a concert, sporting game, or theme park. Meanwhile others, like celebrity Kim Kardashian, prefer something a little less chaotic. “The perfect date for me,” the television personality once commented, “would be staying at home, making a big picnic…while watching cable TV.”

Regardless of where your first date takes place, follow your date’s lead and let them set the pace of the date. Don’t be overly hands-on, but slight touches on the wrist, back of the hand, or elbow are good things as the date progresses. If they respond in kind then you know you are on the right track, but if they tense and step away then it is time to back off and give them a little space.

And guys, if you aren’t sure about whether or not to kiss a girl at the end of the date, take the chivalrous route. You could either give her a peck on the cheek or, while simultaneously raising your hand to your lips, bow slightly and kiss the back of her fingers. It will be a front-door sendoff that she will not soon forget.

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