Key Factors Of a Successful Relationship

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There are so many aspects of what makes a successful relationship, but here are some key components:

1)      Appreciate.  A little appreciation here and there goes a long way.  Surprise her with a bouquet of flowers at the end of a long work day or spontaneously give him a massage as a reward for working on building a shed in the backyard.  Don’t take anyone who is important to you for granted.

2)      Be available.  Being there for someone in time of need shows how reliable you are.  If your partner can remember more disappointments from broken promises that you have made, then the relationship will only last so long.

3)      Make it a top priority to have “alone time.”  And when you do have the alone time, make sure that you give him/her your undivided attention, especially if the two of you don’t see much of each other.

4)      Trust him.  Snooping around and checking his emails or text messages when he isn’t looking is not a way to live, nor is it right.  Having absolute trust in your significant other will give you the stability everyone needs.   Like I’ve always said, when in doubt, there is no doubt.

5)      Be empathetic.  You either have the ability to empathize or you don’t, right?  Not necessarily.  Put the effort in to figure out why your girlfriend/wife may seem to be incessantly nagging you instead of being irritated and on the defense.  Take a step back to understand your partner before reacting with your own emotions.

6)      Be best friends.   The basis of all relationships is friendship.  Enough said.

7)      Compromise.   Relationships are hard.  You two won’t agree on everything and there comes a point in time when you have to meet in the middle.  Sacrifice and make sure the relationship does not solely revolve around you.

8)      Respect and be kind.  You get what you give.  Be thoughtful and considerate.

9)      Accept her flaws.  No one is perfect, not even you.  Are you willing to overlook her perceived flaws or are you always trying to change her?  People are creatures of habit and will go back to their old ways.

10)   Don’t procrastinate on fixing your relationship problems.  If she voiced that she has an issue, then don’t just dismiss it.  Show some respect and love by putting in the effort to work things out.  Waiting to fix relationships problems is one of the main reasons for break-ups/divorces.




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