Life Decisions 101: Are You Ready to be a Family Man?

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Getting married to the right man is almost every woman’s dream. Perhaps we can say all these sappy love songs we listen to and the schmaltzy romantic films we watch are to blame. While it’s true that happy love stories actually exist in real life and are not a scene we merely see in movies and read about in fictitious novels, lifetime commitments are serious and take time, effort, and consideration.

Before you get all excited on proposing to the lady you love, have you thought about both your readiness to finally settle down? Remember, readiness should not only be associated with your capacity to finance the wedding – it should include all the preparations needed for the all-new life status that you will be living after the big event.

Getting married isn’t just about finally getting tied to the person you love, more importantly it’s about starting a family together. It entails financial, emotional, psychological, as well as physical readiness. Are you already thinking of popping “the” question to your beloved? Before you do, consider the checklist below to help you somehow gauge if you’re fit for the road you’re about to take.

Are you:

  • Emotionally stable

Do you think you are now mature enough to handle different situations without compromising your principles and values as a person? Are you able to accept and understand your partner without judging and without griping? Do you have the right emotional aptitude to deal with the complexities of another human being and that is your lifetime partner to be, and eventually, your future kids? Being emotionally stable as an individual is crucial in determining one’s preparedness for the married life. Don’t be hasty in making such decision if you and your partner are still in the process of fixing and adjusting to your differences; ensure that you are both stable in this aspect and are not confronted by the fear of foreseeable emotional fluctuations and breakdowns.

  • Financially prepared

Are you struggling in maintaining your career? If so, then you are most likely not ready to burrow into marriage. Remember that not only will you need money to pay for the wedding; you’re going to need it for a lot more other things that not only concern you but now include your wife. Debt is also a serious consideration. Bear in mind that when you get married, your debts will also become your partner’s, and vice-versa. It’s best to get cleared of all these obligations before embarking on a new one.

Do you have:

  • Access to good and reliable home builders

Many couples make the mistake of wasting money on renting a property that will never be theirs. On top of that, they are forced to bear with the inconveniences of moving from time to time in order to sustain their growing family. While it’s still early, invest on a good quality house where you can see your family getting old and growing up in. Choose a unit that is conveniently located – providing you easy access to hospitals, pharmacies, schools, and your office or workplace. The decisions you make in the beginning will determine how things will pan out sooner or later.

  • Good health insurance

Health is a priority. Now that you are not anymore simply living for your own, staying in the pink of health is more important than ever. What will happen if you fall ill? Or how will you be able to pay for your wife’s hospital bills when she sooner or later delivers your baby? While the expensive premiums can make it even more tempting to put this aspect in the back burner, it’s a responsibility you have to own up to if you want to keep your future family’s best interest at heart.

Have you:

  • Talked to a pre-marital counselor

It helps a lot to talk to a professional about you and your partner’s differences and issues. As repeatedly mentioned in this article marriage is a no-nonsense endeavor and requires adequate equipping and preparation. If you cannot afford to pay for therapy and counseling sessions, then be sure to talk to your elders about it. A degree in psychology may be a plus when it comes to effective counseling, but older people generally have the wisdom that only time, age, and experience can endow. Choose an elder for whom you have utmost respect when it comes to handling relationships.

  • Thoroughly thought about it

Rash decisions will more often than not lead you to situations that will make you regret. Don’t decide to get married just because you feel overwhelmed with your own romantic feelings, or merely because you are currently in stark awe of how amazing you see your partner to be. Remember, the butterflies in your stomach may not be permanent, but your wedding should be. Make sure that the person is someone with whom you can take both the good and bad times.

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