Love At First Sight

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It is more like lust at first sight.  Or love at first chat.  Movies romanticize the very notion of love at first sight.  The two main characters have an intense love affair and live happily ever after.  Real life couples also swear that they had experienced this phenomenon.

So is there any truth to it?  It turns out a woman’s menstrual cycle can very well predict how attracted she will be to you.  One psychology professor did a study on sexual receptivity and found that a woman’s reaction to men shifts during her cycle.   He found that “women display an enhanced sensitivity to stimuli that have significant reproductive relevance during the phase of the menstrual cycle in which conception risk is high” (Macrae 2002).  Conception is at the greatest risk during ovulation, or when a mature egg is released and is waiting to be fertilized.

“Significant reproductive relevance” meaning stereotypical  masculine traits such as a strong jaw, a deep voice, and broad shoulders.  Interestingly, the study states that women prefer feminine faces at other points in their menstrual cycle, especially when the risk of conception is at the lowest (the first 3 days after her period).

Other than this study, we have all heard about pheromones, right?  Some perfumes and colognes try to mimic this pheromone effect, but it is built into our genetic code as much as the color of our hair is.  Pheremones are hard to mimic.  We are attracted to others who have a dissimilar scent to our own scent.  That prevents us from mating with those with a similar genetic background, thereby avoiding abnormalities common in children born from incest.  Couples who have similar chemicals have a higher chance of having trouble conceiving as well as having a miscarriage.

Despite the scientific explanations, do you believe in love at first sight?


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