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Chat SitesThe invention of chat sites has brought people from around the world right into homes with the click of a button.

Chat sites are a great way to make new friends and gain useful information. People are able to find dates, connect with long lost relatives, participate in group therapy, and even work from home using popular chat sites.

Some of the top chat sites include Omegle (, Tinychat (, Chatroll (, and Facebook (

  • Omegle allows the user to pick another user at random to chat with one-on-one. The chats are completely anonymous but they do not stop you from sharing personal information.
  • Tinychat allows users to create a private chatroom then invite other users to join the chat using a link.
  • Chatroll allows the user to create a group based on an interest, then suggests other people to join the group.
  • Facebook allows users to connect by searching with keywords, email addresses, searching through the friend list of other friends, or recommendations. The users are allowed to post on each other’s wall or chat through private messaging.

Are There Chat Sites Devoted To Teenagers?

Although, most chat sites allow anyone over the age of 12 to join, there are some chat sites designed specifically to attract teenagers. Some of the top chat sites for teenagers include and

  • offers the ability to chat with other teenagers as well as message boards, gaming arcade, jokes, and online profiles.
  • offers free chat rooms and hangout rooms.

The advantage to using a teen oriented website, is that all the users are teenagers so it is easier to find something in common. When teenager use chat sites, they should beware of people pretending to be teenagers such as predators.

What about Specialized Chats?

Specialized chat sites are dedicated to a specific interests or group of people, such as the teenager chat sites.

Top chat sites dedicated to particular interest groups include such sites as where people share their interests of different art styles such as writing a book or drawing a picture. The members post their creations on the site then other members are able to comment with suggestions to help develop artistic interests.

Another popular chat site is were army wives have the opportunity to talk to other wives about common concerns. The army wife chat site is great for women who are sent to military bases far away from family and friends because it gives them an opportunity to make friends.

There are a lot of chat sites available over the internet. Chat sites offer an opportunity to meet people from all over the world who may share a common interest or even add the last minute information to a business proposal.

Top chat sites include Omegle, Tinychat, Chatroll, and Facebook which are open to everyone. Teenagers can enjoy chat sites such as and which are dedicated totally to teenagers. Other specialized chat sites include and which cater to particular interest and situations.

Chat sites are a great way to make new friends, connect with lost relatives, and gain useful information.

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