Mobile Dating and Online Dating – The Verdict

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Lately, individuals have taken it upon themselves to confuse mobile dating with online dating and vice versa. It should be noted that the main difference between mobile dating and online dating is that the former needs apps to function while the latter only require websites.

For an individual to be considered to be using mobile dating, he should have downloaded a dating app and used this particular dating app to meet single and available girls. As for online dating, an individual needs to be registered to an online dating website and established an online dating profile to be able to meet available singles.

Because of the various types of smart phones making their own waves all throughout the mobile scene, mobile dating is increasingly becoming a widespread trend for meeting new people among single guys and single girls alike. This trend is currently challenging the notion of online dating being the most popular dating vehicle among singles.

According to a dating study conducted by Snap Interactive, four (4) out of five (5) singles prefer to meet their potential lifetime partner via a smart phone app rather than via an online dating website. This result can be attributed to rising population of singles who own their own smart phones. Due to flexible payment schemes, affordable prices and high turnover rates, it seems that owning a smart phone is a priority for most single guys and single girls in today’s dating world.

Another finding from the aforementioned study is that users of mobile dating apps were over sixty per cent (60%) more likely to meet with each other, as compared to users of online dating websites.

A likely interpretation of this is mobile dating is usually free so it plays hosts to a wider population, unlike in online dating where an individual has to pay to be able to enjoy the benefits. The more population is involved, the higher possibility of the users to find their potential mate so their chances to meet and connect with each other is also increased.

Mobile dating users look at an average of twenty (20) profiles per day. The time allotted for browsing through each profile was not mentioned in the survey. Mobile dating apps are usually preferred over online dating websites to meet single guys and single girls for free because their basic user interface allows the user to browse through different profiles at a relatively easier phase.

In conclusion, dating through mobile dating, rather than through online dating, is preferred by singles nowadays. The most notable reason for this preference is because mobile dating apps tend to be location-based. This means that apps initially screen those whose characteristics are “ideal”, based on the preferences of the user. After filtering the profiles, the app then activates its function of locating those profiles which are just around the area of the user.

This particular feature of mobile apps translates to a convenient and smooth dating transaction. It is then, obvious, why eighty per cent (80%) of single guys and single girls prefer mobile dating over online dating in meeting the love of their lives.

This is a guest post.  Today’s writer: Matt Fuller is a freelancer online dating blogger who works for GirlsMeetGuys Dating Sites Australia. Matt has been a matchmaking professional in Australia for almost 10 years.


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