Nurses Make the Best Partners

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When people think in terms of the professions they would like people they date to work in, their minds might automatically jump to some of the most glamorous. What would it be like to date a movie star, a famous rock musician, a top athlete or a supermodel? They might also think in terms of people with positions of high prestige and high pay. An airline pilot or a surgeon might be desired professions in a date. However, none of those professions really tell us very much about the person in them. In fact, the very qualities that make people successful in those fields might also make them bad partners. Actors, musicians, athletes and supermodels must be married to their careers in order to reach the top. Pilots are away from home a lot while surgeons work long hours.

Other professions might require qualities that would make someone who would make a better partner. For example, a good teacher is patient, helpful and intelligent while a social worker would have a strong sense of ethics and be empathetic about the sufferings of others.

There are some professions that might put people off as well. Paparazzi, those photographers who chase celebrities around in pursuit of candid photos, are not the most popular people in the world. While there are many good lawyers, some people have preconceptions of lawyers being dishonest or ambulance-chasers. Your profession can be a drawback as easily as it can be an asset.

What about nurses? Nurses have been around since the nineteenth century, and good nurses have been practically on the front lines of every war since then. Not only are nurses courageous, but they are compassionate and able to make quick decisions under pressure. Nurses may not be millionaires, but the money is not bad either, and health care is one sector that continues to grow even as unemployment rises in many other areas.

In fact, if you were going to choose a date strictly on the basis of professions, a nurse might just be the very best choice of all.



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