Personal Space Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

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Pool TableTo a man there is nothing cooler than having their very own space, somewhere they can get a little bit of privacy, relax and unwind, watch some sports and action movies and of course enjoy hosting a few boy’s or girls nights in.

A typical man’s ‘entertainment cave’ for instance has everything in it that a man could ever need, from American pool tables to a huge flat screen television and of course let’s not forget the bar! This is a man only zone; a place where you can display your masculinity without the interference of your family.

However, despite what we may want, we are not always able to get. There is usually one person who stands in the way when it comes to getting a ‘man cave’ and that is the person with the purse strings. This means that you have to think very carefully before popping the most important question in our lives! Ha! Seriously though, some free time alone in their own personal space can benefit both parties in the relationship.

You need to prepare and evaluate what you will need and how to go about it be before you go about putting actions in motion that may change the acceptance of space in the relationship. Here are my tips on getting the space you so badly need.

Show Them How it will Benefit Both

It is going to be difficult to get the response that you want, so you need to think carefully and have a strategy in place. Why not turn it around and suggest that you want it more for them than for you. Stress the mutual benefits of such a room in the house and mention things like the following:

  • Explain that the rest of the house will be safe from mess when you invite your friends over for a night; it will be just this one room that you promise you will clean.
  • It will keep you out of each others hair when the other has a girly / man night with friends as you will have somewhere to go that doesn’t get in each others way.
  • They will not have to put up with your things around the house. This could be your sports posters/magazines, gadgets and collection of beer mats.
  • You will be able to get more work done when working from home, which ultimately bodes well for your career and of course the financial strength of the household.

Your partner will have to accept that these are very good reasons for you to have your very own space in the house, yet it may not be enough to secure the deal.

If that does fail, then you have no other choice than going the old fashioned route of spoiling them for a while. This means buying plenty of gifts, taking them out for meals and day outs and even agreeing to go and see the in-laws.

How much you spend on the gifts will vary amongst all of you, yet it will all depend on just how badly you want this room. A few suggestions I have are jewellery, handbags, shoes, a weekend away and my personal favourite a cute little puppy. The latter will hopefully have most people swooning into accepting almost any request that you make, it certainly worked for me!

If you have tried the suggestions I have put forward and are still yet to clinching the deal, do not give up! You may have to play the long game and work at it for a few months, but if you want it bad enough you will get there eventually.

Hopefully, you will one day be relaxing with friends around your pool table while your sport of choice is on the television with a cold beer in your hand. You will be the envy of your friends; the proud owner of the ‘man cave’ of all men!

Lucas Conner is a writer who believes that every man should have his own space where he can unwind with gadgets and items like American pool tables and games consoles.

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