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Valentine’s Day is a day plagued with controversy. There are two extremities; the couples that jet off to Paris for a day full of red roses, heart-shaped chocolates and a candlelit dinner, and those that refuse to acknowledge the mere existence of Valentine’s Day, deeming it superficial rubbish. Then there are the rest of us; those who like to use the opportunity to treat their partners, but that do not want to make a huge show of it. The perfect solution is to create your own gift that isn’t on Valentines Day.

Be creative

If you regard yourself as a pretty imaginative individual, this shouldn’t be too difficult for you; it will simply be a case of deducing what your spouse would appreciate the most. If you have access to a sewing machine and if you have both thrown some clothes out after receiving a numerous garments for Christmas, this discarded fabric could be used to create a patchwork quilt or personalised cushion. Just don’t go accidentally cutting up your partner’s favourite jeans!

Art class chic

Remember the days of creating photo frames using painted pasta and glue? Put these pre-school skills to good use and frame a picture of the two of you. You can use virtually any objects you have lying around; buttons and ribbon would both work well.

These gifts, even if they do look a little rough around the edges, will prove popular with your partner as they will be so touched by the time and effort you have put in to creating your present.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe you have a creative bone in your body – if your sketches in art class resembled nothing more than squiggles (it was abstract, okay?!) and attempts to use a needle and thread will undoubtedly land you in A&E – as there are so many possibilities regarding DIY gifts.

Be his Nigella Lawson / her Jamie Oliver

If what you lack in artistry you make up for with your culinary skills, why not cook a homemade meal for the both of you. For ultimate romance-on-a-budget, transform your dining room into a swanky restaurant.

Light a couple of candles (if you don’t own any, they are available virtually everywhere for no more than a pound or two), drape the PVC tablecloth across the table (patterned and practical – no need to worry about spillages) and treat yourselves to a bottle of rosé form the local convenience store (wines are always on offer around Valentine’s Day – see, it does have its perks!). Then serve up your other half’s favourite dish and enjoy your evening.

The most important thing to remember is that your partner is not with you for lavish gifts or flamboyant romantic gestures; they are with you because they love you and your company. It may be an idea to remind them of this if, come Valentine’s Day, all you have to offer them is a piece of cardboard splattered with paint and a couple of sequins peeling off.

What was your most memorable Valentine’s gift? Do you reckon you’d be able to pull off a DIY present for your partner?

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