Romantic Things Your Girlfriend Will Love

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Romantic ThingsWomen can be complicated and difficult beings. For the most part we are interesting and elusive; at times that makes only makes us more intriguing.

Your girlfriend is a woman, or in a higher stature, she is a lady. She is beautiful and she is elusive, and it only makes her more beautiful. Because she is elusive, she can be hard to please.

One day you give her chocolates and she would love them. Another day, you give her roses – like all the other romantic things that your girlfriend will love – and she’ll ask about assortments.

You might get annoyed or feel unappreciated and she wouldn’t talk to you. Later, you will work it out. Things like that could happen and she will ask you to try to understand her because she is a woman. She would say that it is because of her hormones and she would say that she loves you. She may even start to shed tears and then you begin to melt. Because of this, men believe romance weakens them. But that is far from the truth.

Men tend to associate romantic things with common notions about romance; with chocolates and roses, with flashy, yet clumsy declarations of love and matching fireworks. True, women are pleased by that. Most relationship tips that you would find around the web and from most of the people you know would tell you to exert effort: Try your best to declare your undying love in the flashiest manner, and give her roses and chocolates everyday – every second if possible. You girlfriend might even tell you to do that, but don’t take her words at face value.

The words of a woman shouldn’t be analyzed like the words of a man; it should be looked at from a different point of view, but still using a man’s point of view. Ambiguous isn’t it? Women can be like that, their words are ambiguous. So what exactly would it mean if we ask you to be romantic?

It means do special things. Not your everyday run of the mill idea that every other man on the planet does. If you know your girlfriend well enough, you will know what will make her happy. It doesn’t have to be expensive or super fancy. The key is to focus on things that will let her know that you pay attention to her.

If she loves the writings of a certain author picking up the author’s latest release will speak volumes. How about getting her favorite flowers versus the usual dozen roses (unless of course roses are her favorite flowers)? If she carrot juice find a recipe for homemade carrot juice and make it for her.

When your girlfriend asks you to be romantic don’t just do the typical romantic gestures that men do, that aren’t romantic enough. You have to customize these typical ideas to your special lady. By doing that, you become unpredictable, and you’ll always surprise her. This way you will always do the most romantic things that your girlfriend will love.

Did anything written above turn on a light bulb in your head? If yes, leave a comment below ad let us know how you’re planning use these relationship tips to start doing romantic things your girlfriend will love.

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