Romeo, Romeo?

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romeo romeo where art thou romeoWith so many organised ways of meeting someone coming out each month you could be forgiven for wondering what on earth happened to meeting someone down the local?

However, the chances are that the only people down your local are guys wanting to be left in peace whilst they watch the game and play on the fruit machines with ‘the lads’ and girls who can drink you under the table.

It’s unlikely you’d find anyone with a five year plan to match yours or who wants to discuss the works of your all-time favourite author. That’s where organised meet ups step in.

Online dating is the main one that seems to have spread like wild fire introducing brides and grooms to one another up and down the country. It is fast catching up with the usual meeting each other by the photo copier at work because, quite frankly, it works!

That checklist we all have in our heads of Mr or Mrs Right is laid out for all to see and if yours doesn’t match up with TeaPot1234 then it’s onto Frogman101. It’s brutal, it’s serious and it gets you what you want.

A more unusual dating activity is ‘dating in the dark’. Men are released into a pitch black room followed by the same amount of women who gingerly feel their way around and get chatting to whoever they bump into. The idea is that we’ll forget about the checklist and just go for touch, sound and the old basic of whether we click or not.

Our inhibitions are lost because we cannot see the person in front of us but it also means that we don’t know their age, income bracket or even whether we find them attractive until the lights go on and you could get a nasty shock.

Another alternative is the ‘lock and key party’. The idea is that the women are each given a lock and the men have the keys. They go around the room with their key trying to unlock one lock, this gives them a reason to talk to each woman rather than blindly going up to each one and waffling about nothing.

The women can’t simply brush them aside because she needs to know if you can unlock her which means you have both a reason and time for a conversation. Even if you didn’t manage to unlock her you can still have a chat whilst you look for someone else’s lock and isn’t that really what dating is all about anyway?

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