Senior Dating Advice: What To Do On Your First Date

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silver_surfingAre you a dating senior quaking in your boots at the prospect of your first date?

Maybe you are putting yourself out there after losing a spouse or going through a divorce.

You may have been out of the dating world for quite awhile and dipping your toe back in the dating pool can be scary to say the least.

Put yourself at ease by following a few simple tips to act with calm confidence as you meet your date for the first time.

Detach from Outcomes

This tip might be difficult to use but by detaching from any outcomes involving your first date you can thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Seniors on the dating circuit might feel desperate to find a partner because they believe the clock is ticking and time is running out. If you wish to establish a long term relationship you must trust your potential partner.

Trust develops over time. Stop placing a strong emphasis on one particular person or outcome. Act naturally. Find your ideal partner.

Allow Your Personality to Shine

Just because you are living in your golden years does not mean you need to be shy. Allowing your personality to shine attracts your perfect match with less effort.

People who try to hide aspects of their personality generally miss individuals who would be ideal partners. How can someone get to know you if you never all the “real you” to come out during your first date?

Show some restraint in sharing stories that might be considered inappropriate but do recount experiences which are in good taste. You have to be yourself before your partner can know, like and trust you.

Be Modest

Dressing appropriately on your first date sends the right message to your date. Showing too much skin might transmit the wrong signal to your potential partner. Pick out a conservative outfit to start your relationship on the right foot.

Refrain from drinking excessively or eating too quickly; showing some restraint now displays that you are a responsible, disciplined individual. The focus should be on the conversation, and more importantly the other person, not your meal or drinks if you have taken the dinner date route.

Make it Your Goal to Leave a Positive Impression

If you are on the senior dating circuit intend to make a positive impression on your date. Maybe holding the door open for your partner or pulling out the seat before dinner can make your date memorable.

Simply being polite and courteous can make a positive impress on the mind of your date. Patiently listen to your partner; listening closely shows that you genuinely care about the individual and what they have to share.

Carefully listening also provides you with critical information. By tuning into likes and dislikes you quickly see whether or not the 2 of you are a good match or mismatch. Avoid the mistake of trying too hard on your first date.

Some seniors believe that they are dating against the clock and impatiently share too much information during the date. Relax, take a deep breath and allow conversation to flow naturally. Connecting with a good match grows easier if you behave from a relaxed, calm and confident place.

 About the Author: Ryan Biddulph is a blogger who enjoys sharing tips for dating seniors.


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