Stuck in a Dating Rut? Here’s Some Dating Tips to Spice Up Your Love Life

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man-with-heartThere are few things worse than getting stuck in a dating rut. We’ve all been there, though. Whether you’re in a routine of dead-end first dates or have just dropped out of the dating world, you’re in a rut. So how are you meant to get out of it?


Do something

If you’re in a dating rut, there’s a pretty good chance you’re also in a bit of a life rut. You get up, go to work, go home, go to bed, and then do the whole thing over again. The weekends end up filled with the same thing each week. Pretty soon a month has gone by and you’re none the better for it.


The solution is to shake up your routine. Think about something you’d like to do just for fun. Take a dance class, learn a language, or go on a historical trivia walking tour. Whatever interests you, do it. It might be a way to meet a great new guy, or it could be something different to talk about on a first date. Even if it’s just a bit of a laugh, it’ll help make you feel better and get you out of the rut.


Change your look

The dating rut has probably taken a bit of a toll on how you carry yourself. Every bad date, or unhappy night without a date, is like a tiny little weight on your shoulders. One now and again won’t be a problem, but get one of those on you each week and it’ll add up.


Now, you might think this is a time to get yourself in shape, go on a diet, and get yourself looking gorgeous. Those are rarely bad things, but don’t feel like it has to be a drastic step. It’s also worth thinking about it as something to do for yourself, not for a potential date.


That said, a change to your look can give you a newfound confidence. A different hair colour or new outfit can be a little tweak to your personality. It can change your attitude, making you that mysterious brunette, feisty redhead, or playful blonde you weren’t yesterday.


Be picky

This might seem like the opposite of what you’d want to do if you’re in a non-dating type of rut, but being picky about who you date can make things much more interesting. If you’re going on a lot of bad dates, or have given up on dates, it might not be that you’re being too picky, but that you’re not being picky enough.


Going on loads of dates, or even looking at loads of online dating profiles, can be exhausting. It can make you dread the very idea of a date. Saying yes to any guy who asks you out can also make you feel down about yourself. The feeling that you’re attracting the wrong type of guy might be something you can fix by simply saying a polite ‘sorry, no’ to that invite to dinner.


Getting out of a dating rut isn’t going to happen if you just keep plodding on, though. Whatever you do to break out of the routine, it’ll help you be your best when you do come across somebody you click with.

This guest post was written by Kissy Bang Bang who are interested in putting the fun back into adult sexual relationships.

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