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Relationship TipRelationships are such a crucial part of our existence. We all need the interaction of our family, friends, co-workers and even strangers in passing. It’s how we as human beings function. Relationships vary in definitions and meanings. For all intended purposes, we are referring to the number one romantic relationship tip in this article.

That being said, let’s get to it. Romantic relationships can be especially trying. Emotions erupt, harsh words are thrown like daggers and bad memories are sometimes subpoenaed and used as evidence. These are the trying times.

The good times however can make even those trying times worth it. Like those calm moments when it’s just to two of you. When a quick glance with a smile means everything. That smile, shared without spoken words speak volumes in your heart. And your returned smile gently replies, I love you too. These are the moments that we capture like snapshots in our minds.

So you’ve got the good and you’ve got the bad in relationships. The best of times and worst of times, so to speak. We all want more good times than bad times. Right? I mean sure those make up times are wonderful, but let’s face it, having a relationship that flows smoothly is the ultimate goal.

So what’s the big secret? How do so many people get it all wrong and others experience flawless bliss? What’s the main reason a relationship fails, dissolves, doesn’t work or just ends? The top reasons are money, sex and infidelity. The root of all three however is incompatibility. But the common factor with all of these issues, is communication.

Communication can be broken down into three major forms. You’ve got poor communication; dishonest communication and worst of all, no communication.

A lot of people think communication is only about saying what’s on their mind. In reality, the purpose of communication is to properly convey your thoughts so that the other person understands your perspective. What good does it do if you say your peace but the other person has no idea what you wanted them to understand? Nothing was accomplished. In addition keep in mind, that it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

Let’s breakdown a few styles of communication and what we can do to improve them:

Poor Communication
Understand that not everyone has the same communication style. Some people find it difficult to articulate their thoughts. Others are dramatic and prefer yelling. Then there are those who communicate best by penning (or typing) their feelings. When you know how someone communicates, you will know how to reach them.

Dishonest Communication
This style of communication eventually ends in disaster. When you are dishonest with someone you are essentially betraying and losing their trust. Everyone knows lying to your partner isn’t right. No lecture needed. Ask yourself two questions before being dishonest. How would you feel if he or she lied to you? How will you feel when the truth comes out?

Never manipulate another person emotionally to get your way. It doesn’t say much for your character and when they catch on to your tactics you may lose them. Nobody wants to feel like they’ve been taken advantage of.

NO Communication
A basic concept that people seem to forget when giving their partner the cold shoulder is how painful it can be. During that time, there is tension, confusion, fear, doubts and disappointment. I’m not saying cruel behavior or hurtful words don’t warrant space and time for contemplation, but spiteful ignoring is wrong.

Do you think our number one relationship tip can help you? Are you or your partner communicating in a way that is damaging your relationship? Take the time to establish healthy communication styles and boundaries. This is sure to strengthen and lengthen your bond.

Make your way to the comment box below and share your thoughts. If you know someone who could benefit from this article by all means pass it on.

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