The 4 Worst Reasons To Break Up With Someone

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Many relationships often stall before they have even truly begun because of small issues that get on the nerves of the people involved. Whether the issue at hand is annoying or not, agreeing to date someone only to dump them over often superficial and crazy reasons is not okay. So here are the top 5 (true) worst reasons to break up with someone, and why you should maybe think twice before pressing the button for the eject seat.

They’re too short/tall

You wouldn’t believe it, but many people’s self-esteem is so threatened by their partner’s height that it can end the relationship. Despite knowing the other person’s height very well when they get into the relationship, it can be later on when dinner dates and high heels come into play that the height issues resurfaces. Many people feel incredibly self-conscious about their height, and after a while it can turn into all a person is obsessed about.

Instead of dumping a person over your own insecurities, deal with you issue. Realize that this person like you no matter what your height is. Don’t let your own self-image get in the way of what could be a great relationship.

They snore

To insomniacs out there, sleeping is hard enough without discovering that you’re new boyfriend or girlfriend snores like a buzz-saw. Many feel too polite to actually say anything about a partner who snores, when in reality the best way to deal with it is not to write them off but to confront them. Try working around it by wearing earplugs or getting your partner to sleep in a different position. Or better yet, get used to it. Eventually you’ll stop noticing – so don’t use it as a reason to end the relationship.

They are religious

It is often a rude awakening when you find out early in a relationship that your boyfriend/girlfriend has completely different religious views to you. While it may not present a problem now, differing ideas on religious could be a pressure point if the relationship becomes serious.

The best thing to do is to talk to your partner about the issue. Unless they have strong feelings about marrying in the faith or they are a zealot, it shouldn’t be a problem that you don’t agree. The idea of dating someone religious might freak you out at first but you’ll be surprised at how little the subject really comes up.

Your friends make fun of you

May it’s how they talk or dress, but sometimes your friends just can’t help but mock you’re significant other. It’s easy to brush off at first, but eventually you start internalizing all their negativity and wonder if maybe you shouldn’t be with that person.

If this is you, then stop. If you truly like someone then you should tell your friends to stick it and keep dating the person. Judge someone based on what you think of them: if you like the person, don’t let anybody else’s opinion matter.

This is a guest post by Andras Deak, a fresh blogger and a full-time fashion and communication advisor. Currently he works for Altitude Shoes, a great retailer selling shoes that make you taller. When not working, Andras likes to go in for sports.


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