The Benefits of Breakups

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‘Breakup’ is a word that has always been associated with a sense of sadness, frustration and depression. However, have you ever thought that breakups could also be inspiring? If you find this idea bizarre, then some high profile celebrity breakups will change your view for sure. While some of these celebrity split-ups taught the masses new techniques of parenting, others proved how life post divorce could be more successful. It’s certain that you are becoming inquisitive now. So, read further to know who broke up and what we learnt in the process:

Successful co-parenting:

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The sad breakup of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes does not appear to be sad for their daughter Suri at all. Previously, Tom and Kat would fight for not meeting each other for days even while staying under the same roof. The victim in the whole process would always be the little Suri, who would miss quality time spent with her parents, and the bitter conflict acted as an obstacle in her healthy mental growth. But now she can spend ‘daddy-daughter’ time much more and better without her busy papa’s professional commitments and tight schedule interfering in it. We can learn from here that divorces can actually pave way to successful co-parenting.
Revival of self confidence:

Although the usual scenario after divorce is depression and lost confidence, Tina Turner appears to be an exceptional case. While marriage with Ike Turner was a sad saga of bitterness, humiliation, abuses and physical torture, life post divorce gave Tina success, fame and money! The marriage left her so pissed off that she even chose not to wangle with the settlement money. After divorce, she bounced back again in 1979 with the aid of the record promoter Roger Davias, and soon there was no looking back.

More focus in career:

Now this is another exception where marriage makes your career take a nosedive and divorce helps it prosper! This was the case with Alec Bladwin. His marriage with Kim Basinger was never successful and internal sources reveal that it was the nasty temper of Alec that was the primary culprit. Their personal strife became quite public by the year 2000 and the couples decided to part ways in January 2001. It seems that this was not enough to distract Alec from his professional commitments, as the horrible custody battle over their daughter worked as a bonus on this! All these made Alec wash his hands off the celluloid world for the time being! His stagnant career took six years long to revive post divorce when Tina Fey rediscovered him and casted him as the ‘oily’ network executive Jack Doughney in her ’30 Rock’. The natural knack for comedy bolstered and re-established the career of a more focused Alec now.

Maintaining friendship as it was:

Who does not know that friendship is a sacred term that should never be mixed up with other things? But how many of us really wish to be good friends with our exes post divorce? Perhaps friendship dies as soon as we enter into wedlock. So, the question of maintaining it after divorce never arises. However, exceptions are always there and this time Courtney Cox and David Arquette is our exemplary couple. They kept aside their marital difference by tagging it as ‘irreconcilable’, but this has never hampered their friendship at all. The couples opine that post separation they could communicate with each other better and respect each other more.

Do you have stories like these to share with us? They can be your friend’s, your colleague’s or even just yours. What else have you learnt from those experiences? Do you agree that breakups are not always devastating? Share your thoughts with us!


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