The World’s Most Unique Marriage Proposals

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proposalMany men throughout the world make their proposals quite simply.

They drop to one knee in a restaurant, during a walk in a springtime meadow, or in the intimacy of their own homes.

Others skip the traditional method of ‘popping the question,’ and simply decide to marry during a rational conversation with their loved one.

But a few men spend months preparing for their proposals, and go to great lengths to demonstrate just how much they love their potential brides-to-be.

Digital Proposition

This delightfully geeky couple met online.  So it was quite appropriate when he asked the big question online, too.  Working with a graphic designer, he designed a comic style website that told the story of their quirky relationship.  At the end, he asks, “Julie, will you marry me?!”

A Lovely Day on the Tube

Teaming up with a group of his troubadour friends, this creative suitor spent months planning the perfect proposal.  Knowing she took the tube home from work, he arranged to fill the underground with spontaneous song.

One person humming quickly turned into a whole car-full singing Bill Wither’s Lovely Day.  Then the romantic boyfriend showed up to pop the question, and the lovely day became one this couple will never forget.

Stop Everything! Let’s Get Hitched

With help from his biker gang of more than 300, this tough guy brought one of LA’s busiest freeways to a grinding halt to pop the question.

Rigging their bikes to shoot pink exhaust, the group formed a circle as the happy couple got engaged in one of the most illegal ways imaginable.  Best of all, back on the road again as beaming fiancées, they got away with it.

Flash Mob Marriage

Showing off some serious dance skills, this young man organised a flashmob at Downtown Disney in California with a group of his close friends.

After drawing a crowd and spontaneously dancing to the song “Marry Me,” he brought his girlfriend onto the makeshift center stage and dropped to one knee.

Change of Plans Proposal

He spent months planning.  They traveled to a remote resort in Mexico, went down to what was supposed to be a private pier, where their names were spelled out in rose petals and framed in a heart, and sat to watch the sunset while eating a romantic seaside meal.

The only problem was that a yacht had decided to occupy the dock, blocking the sunset, and replacing it with a man in a speedo.  Things went wrong when the upset suitor decided to untie the boat.

Though he tied it back again, the police soon arrived, pointed guns in his face, handcuffed him, and he accidently dropped the ring into the ocean!  Fortunately, he was soon released—and determined to find the ring.

The much-delayed proposal took place on the dock sometime around midnight: he was wearing full scuba gear.

Of course, extravagant proposals don’t always get the hoped-for result.  There are many well-known cases in which women have said no, even despite the great lengths their suitors went to when asking that pivotal question.

One memorable video comes to mind, in which a man gets turned down after asking his girlfriend at mid-court during a basketball game—in front of thousands of people!  So while it may not always work to propose in an extravagant way, when it does, it certainly makes for a great story.

About the author: Kirsten runs Kirsten Hendrich jewellery. She makes couples wedding rings for their special day. She loves nothing more than listening to the great proposal stories. 


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