Things that Turn Off Guys: Tattoos Worse than Bad Breath?

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Tattoos are a form of self-expression and a way to stand out as an individual, but many single women might want to hold off on getting new ink until after they’ve chosen their mates. One survey shows that about 37 percent of men rank tattoos even higher than bad breath as a number one turn-off.

The survey, which was held in Britain and commissioned by an e-cigarette manufacturer, rounds out the list with smoking, piercing and nail biting. Women report a similar set of turn-offs including beards, bad breath, piercings, tattoos and smoking. Of course, results may be different in America, and a larger poll in the U.K. may have yielded different results.

Nevertheless, the survey does reveal a mindset echoed by many men across the world who believe that tattoos are ugly, garish or unfeminine.

One Man’s Turn-Off is Another Man’s Turn-On

The survey’s list of turn-offs reflects a certain image of a mate that many may find less than ideal. Excessive piercings, tattoos and smoking often go hand-in-hand, and these are sometimes markers of counter-culture. For people outside of these groups, these behaviors are unappealing and even alarming. For people inside those counter-culture groups, however, they’re nearly expected and usually preferred.

Tattoos have crept out of the fringes of counter-culture and rebellion, though, and are becoming commonplace. As many as one in three British people have a tattoo, and around one in five Americans sports ink. The popularity of tattoos hasn’t done much to change some people’s opinion that such body art is trashy, though. Terms like “tramp stamp” belie a common belief about what type of women get tattoos.

Should You Hold Off Getting a Tattoo?

For single women, the question of whether to get a tattoo is complex. Depending on the type of guys you’re attracted to, your tattoo could be either an asset or a liability. Body art is, however, only a superficial element, and a truly good catch won’t care whether you have ink. What’s more important is making sure you’re getting a tattoo for the right reasons and not just because they seem trendy. Although men may come and go in your life, your body art will be with you for decades.

Although tattoos are fashionable, they are a permanent body modification, and many people begin to regret their decision afterward. When considering any kind of permanent body art, it’s important to think about how you’ll feel about the tattoo 10 or 20 years down the line. Avoid getting one anywhere that might embarrass you, and pick a place that won’t stretch or sag after you’ve had children.

As long as you choose a design that’s meaningful to you and will continue to be meaningful years from now, there’s nothing wrong with tattoos as self-expression. Be sure to choose a safe, sanitary tattoo parlor and research your artist beforehand. After a recent outbreak from tainted ink, it may be wise to choose a parlor that mixes its own ink.

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