Tips For Your Prenuptial Agreement

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prenup-agreementIn the vast majority of cases, a wedding is something that comes about as a result of nothing but romance, but as history has gone to show there are plenty of details that need to be established.

Even the marriages that last for the rest of each person’s life require a certain amount of planning and conditions that have to be agreed upon. There have been countless amounts of divorces, some extremely high-profile and others much less so, and a number of these have resulted in hefty pay-outs from one person to another.

This is a big reason why prenuptial agreements have become so well-known and so important and it is now vital to get the details of these correct before you commit.

Avoid sweeping it under the carpet
It is only natural that you want to focus solely on the enjoyable parts of preparing to get married but this type of commitment to each other brings with it a lot of finer points that have to be sorted.

When it comes to your prenuptial agreement it is never a sensible idea to cast it aside until the last minute. If you decide to have one, and these were deemed legally binding in the UK in a well-known case involving the heiress Katrin Radmacher and her millions, then you should get talking to your partner in good time.

Planning this at least a few months in advance of the wedding day is recommended and even longer than this if at all possible. The specific timing of the agreement is more crucial than you may think, especially when you consider that courts can look upon certain timing as affecting the decision of either party. Make absolutely sure that there are no circumstances that could be seen to be clouding either person’s judgement.

Discuss before you make a decision
Communication is extremely important when drawing up a prenuptial agreement so make sure that you talk things over with your husband or wife-to-be before either of you brings a list of details to the table.

This kind of contract does not necessarily have to step on any of the romance of the relationship but it can be easy to affect it if you do not make it completely amicable.

Get your financial house in order
Prenuptial agreements should be looked upon as just one element of a wider plan for the both of you. It is a great opportunity to spark effective planning in other areas of your finances together.

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