Top 5 Considerations for Selecting an Engagement Ring

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Have you ever had to do something where at first thought, sounded so simple but was actually one of those, ‘easier said than done’ moments? My husband went through this when it was time for him to buy an engagement ring. In an effort to help other men seeking tips on how to choose an engagement ring, consider my tips below.

Purchasing an Engagement Ring


When you first walk into a jewelry store, you will notice one thing right away, rings are expensive! At initial glance, your eyes will set on the stores prized collections. If you can afford it, let me tell you now, that is exactly where you should be looking. However, if the price tag is just too steep, you will have to find that hidden gem among the many rings they have on display.

Size & Style

What would help this process is to secretly check her collection of rings and see if there is specific style she favors over the others. Most of the time there is a one but if not, do not fret. That just means she is flexible with rings and that will make choosing a ring that much easier. Most importantly, try to sneak a ring out of her collection before going to the jewelry shop. Rings have sizes you know and you want to make sure you purchase one that is the right size. Imagine giving her an engagement ring that does not fit! If you ask me, that is an awkward moment that you want to avoid!


Tradition has it that an engagement ring should feature a diamond because they are considered a girls best friend. However, their price tag is far from a mans best friend. Again, if you do not mind spending the dough for a finely cut diamond, then go for it. Otherwise, you might want to consider other alternatives. You can opt for diamonds that are not completely colorless. Diamonds that contain a yellow-ish tint contain a lower price tag and if not a professional jeweler, this aspect often remains unnoticed. If on an ultra-tight budget, another popular choice is what they call a Cubic Zirconium.

It is basically impossible to tell the difference between the two unless you are a professional jeweler or an expert with diamonds. The downfall of this choice is it tends to dull over the years. Other common choices include Lab Diamonds and Rhodium plated rings, which like the cubic zirconium, dulls over time. If you select one of these options, be sure to explain it to your spouse. The last thing you want to do is try and pass off an imitation diamond as real.


Once you decide on the stone, you must select a setting. There are many options for this, for example: the bezel setting, pave setting, prong setting and tension setting. I bet you did not know selecting a ring was that complicated, right? When a ring features a bezel setting, that means that the stone is well protected by a frame made of platinum or gold. Very useful if your partner does a lot of physical activities.

Pave setting are rings that have special mini prongs to hold stones that are all over the ring. If you have seen a ring that has diamonds or other stones around the whole ring, that is a pave setting ring. A prong setting exposes the whole stone while giving very minimal support to it. Still sturdy, but not like a bezel setting ring. The tension setting is sort of a new type in the market today. Basically the stone is placed between the ring, as though it was stuffed into it.


The metal we are referring to here is the type of metal used for the ring band itself. This is an overlooked part of the ring that really plays a vital role to its durability in the long term. The best choice here would be platinum. Some people like gold, but platinum is way more durable than gold. If platinum is too expensive, try titanium as that metal because it is very good in terms of wear and tear. But if it is gold your heart desires, an important fact you should know is that the lighter the gold, the easier it is to wear out.

This is a guest post.  Written by professional writer Sarah Smith, information has been provided on behalf of Michaels Jewelers in Pennsylvania. 

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