Top 5 Reasons To Date a Nerd

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Do you feel like you always have bad luck with your love life?  The high school days are over, yet there is still a piece of you that have not let go of your lust for an edgy, bad boy and the love ‘til it hurts kind of love.   Instead of going to your 5 or 10 year high school reunion, we have the beauty of social media that we can use to spy on those high school heartthrobs we all have had secret crushes on.

However, the most popular guy in high school back then now has an alarming receding hair line and looks a bit too well-fed.  All of a sudden, he doesn’t seem too appealing anymore.  Instead, the class nerd looks ultra-appealing with his shiny graduate degree and confident aura.  We all wish we were a bit nicer to him back then, but it might not be too late.  From my collective experience, here are top reasons to date a nerd:

1)      He is attentive.  In every single way, might I add.  They like learning and acquiring new skills.  even if he is lacking in some area, he will study it until he masters it.  Computers, math, fixing stuff around the house, or mastering the bedroom, you name it.

2)      Be ready to have your brain picked.   Not all nerds are socially awkward, but what they have in common is that those wheels in their big brain of theirs are always turning.  If you enjoy intellectual conversations, then be prepared to transcend down into deepness.

3)      You might get quirky gifts.  Not only is he attentive, he will be creative with the way he presents gifts.  Nothing ever seems simple when you date a nerd.  You might have mentioned you wanted something in passing and didn’t even give it a second thought because it was too expensive.  Somehow, he found a way to make you open countless boxes until you finally reach a very small box with the one thing you mentioned you wanted from a long time.  I was once at a birthday dinner where a cake had a homemade design of a Chromatin Immunoprecipitation assay in celebration of her PhD thesis defense, made by her beloved.  There is never a typical moment, I tell you.

4)      You will get more stability.  Okay, now you can argue that getting a stable man is just pure luck, but it is statistically significant that there will be less of a chance that he has fathered seven children by five different women…all by the age of 27.  Yes, I have met someone like that (but he was not a nerd).  He is too smart to make such moves because all those child support payments would do some serious damage to his paycheck.  The numbers just wouldn’t be in his favor and you know how nerds love to plan and think things out.

5)      He might be the next President of the US.  Yeah, right.  Well, do you really think Michelle knew that the lanky summer associate with the big ears that she was asked to mentor would be a future leader of the Free World?  Even if your nerd will not be the next president, you can almost bet that he will be a working professional in a sharp suit…or scrubs.


Before you dismiss that nerd who have been pursuing you, give it a second thought.  I mean, really, have you had much luck dating your typical type of man who has a lot of swag, but less of the other more practical traits?




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