Top 5 Things You Should Never Say to the Groom

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We all know that weddings can be pretty nerve-wracking for guys, so it is important not to say things to the groom that are going to freak him out. Inappropriate comments might not be made with malice, but they can definitely derail a wedding. These are the top 5 things you should never say to the groom.

One: Did you know I used to date the bride? Never go up to a groom at his wedding reception and inform him that you used to be hot and heavy with his new wife. He will surely be happier without that knowledge, and the bride will also be happy to keep her past in the past. Nothing good can ever come of this piece of information once the couple has been wed. Note to brides: don’t invite your ex-boyfriends to your wedding and this won’t be an issue.

Two: Wow, you really overpaid for that engagement ring! It is rarely a good idea for friends to talk about money, and this is one of the reasons why. Sure when you went shopping for wedding jewelry your family might have sent you to “their guy” who would sell to you at just over wholesale, but for most people that is not an option. Besides, once the money has been spent and the ring is on her finger, there is nothing that the groom can do about what it cost, so why bum him out?

Three: Do you think your fiancee will get fat after she has a couple of kids? Another variation on this type of rude question is, “Do you think your wife will get fat like her mom?”. These remarks are just rude and insensitive, and should never be said to a friend. To some men, this kind of comment about their future wives would be reason enough to start fists flying, so hold your tongue if you have these kind of thoughts about the bride.

Four: Does it bother you that you are marrying a woman who makes more money (or has a better job) than you do? The old stereotypes about which person in a marriage should be the “breadwinner” are totally outdated. These days it is a win-win just for both people to have a job; one-upsmanship has no place in a loving relationship. And what good can come of stirring up resentment? A smart friend will just be happy that his pal is marrying a successful woman.

Five: Man, I hope you got a pre-nup! While the financial adviser or attorney to the groom might wish to tactfully raise the issue of a pre-nuptial arrangement, it is certainly no business of anyone else’s. Making this kind of comment to an engaged or just-married man implies that the marriage will fail. Not only that, but you are also implying that his wife is a money-grubbing you-know-what who is just looking to rip him off. Neither of these are nice things to say to the groom! To be a friend, just remember not to say anything insulting to the groom about his wife or make inappropriate remarks about his money; with that in mind, you should be all good.

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