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There appears to be wedding fever at every turn at the moment and so many couples are tying the knot, getting hitched or entering into the institution of marriage depending on your preferred phrase of choice! Organizing the wedding itself is a mammoth task; the dress, the DJ, the guests, the venue, the cake…and of course the honeymoon. But where to go? Exotic and on-trend destination of the month tends to change as frequently as women’s fashion and what’s hot one year isn’t the next. However, there are some constant classics that top the popularity charts every time…

The Maldives
Not the best place to be talking about as winter steadfastly approaches but the tranquility of this isolated island in the Caribbean makes the perfect honeymoon retreat and during peak season this place is saturated with happy couples enjoying the ultimate romantic trip away. The scuba diving around this area is beautiful too, as are the people, the food and the weather. Other popular locations around the Caribbean include St Lucia, Barbados and Grenada, all stunning islands in this beautiful oasis of serenity.

Mauritius is another famous place for newlyweds to visit. Off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean lies this beautiful island teeming with and famous for its wide variety of wildlife and plant life. Record breaking numbers of species can be found here and enthusiasts flock to see species nomadic to the island in their natural habitat. The traditional newlyweds however tend to be drawn by the stunning coastline and pure, white sandy beaches. Great snorkeling here too makes it the perfect, romantic island retreat.

New York
For couples that love the hustle and bustle the iconic city of New York can be the perfect honeymoon destination. If beaches bore you and you yearn for the constant dull thrum of the city then there’s nowhere better to visit. There’s shopping for the women, Times Square for the men and for the newlywed couples there’s Central Park, the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty; a city immersed in famous culture it’s one high up on most lists of popular places to visit on honeymoon.

The epitome of luxury; the glitz and glamour of gorgeous Dubai lures many honeymooners to it. Exotic and hot, opulence is at every turn and Dubai is one of the more recent destinations to really top the popularity charts, becoming more mainstream only in recent times. Breathtaking sights and skyscrapers are aplenty here too for those couples that love the sparkle of city life.

Other popular options
We’ve spent a lot of time on busy and luxurious locations, but there are plenty of couples out there who like the country, seclusion and the great outdoors. Safari in Kenya, views in Ireland and the landscapes of Mexico all cater for those with different tastes and consequently make an appearance in the top fifty lists too. Other popular locations we’ve not the time to go into include Venice, South Africa, Hawaii, Barbados and Egypt. If only we could visit them all!

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