Trendy Favor Ideas For 2013 Princess Weddings

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princess-wedding-theme-gownSo many brides want to feel like a princess on their big day.

They want all the makings of a fairytale wedding. This includes ball gowns, horse and carriage, and tiaras, just to name a few.

The décor of a princess wedding tends to be on the romantic side and slightly whimsical and over the top.

So, don’t you think the favors need to convey the same feel? Vendors have taken note of this and offer so many different favor items from which to choose.

There are also DIY options for the crafty couple. Below are some princess wedding favors that are trending this year.

Prince and Princess key chains: Key chains have become a popular favor for weddings. They are affordable and come in a variety of styles.

For a princess wedding think about opting for key chains that red “Prince” for the men and “Princess” for the female guests. The design can be a tiara for the ladies and a crown for the guys.

The colors you choose are totally up to you. They can all be the same color or choose a variety of colors and let your guests choose. The best way to find these favors is online.

Decorative candles: Candle are a good favor for just about any wedding, but with the princess wedding theme being so popular, vendors have gone the extra mile to make some lovely ornate candles for your guests.

Think about candles in the shape of a castle, a horse and carriage, a crown, a tiara and much more. You will find plenty of styles from which to choose. Again, the colors are up to you.

However, keep in mind that men may not be too jazzed about a pink candle. Silver and gold candles are really trending this year.

Homemade soaps: If you are a DIY couple, why not take some time to make some elegant homemade soaps. The kits are available online and at your local craft stores.

For the most part they are inexpensive and you can also find molds that brings home the princess them. There are even molds of wedding dress soaps. What a great idea!

And for the men, tuxedo soap molds. Get creative with the colors and scents. You can choose colors that go with the colors in your wedding, or go with simple black and white soaps for that extravagant feel.

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