Try Internet Dating and You May Find You’ve Kissed Your Last Frog

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internet-loveThere was a time when finding a partner was something of a hit and miss affair. You had to rely on finding a relationship via work, social occasions or through friends of friends. Hence you probably ended up kissing a lot of frogs on your way to a prince – or princess. Now though there are a whole host of other options from speed dating to the Internet to help you in your search.

Choosing Your Site

There are lots of dating sites to choose from, general sites that let you search other people’s profiles and compare interests and more specialist sites that are aimed at particular interests or age groups. Once you’ve chosen a site there are a few simple rules to follow for successful online dating.

“I’m So Lonely!”

When it comes to creating a profile keep it lively and fun, avoid negatives like saying that you’re lonely and don’t give out too much personal detail. Read through other profiles if you can and see what kind of thing attracts you. The better your profile the more chances you have of success; do be honest though. If you lie on your profile it will come back to haunt you at some point.

Say Cheese

Posting a good photo is important too, this is often the first thing that attracts people so you need to make an impact. Try to make sure your picture is less than six months old and don’t use just any old shot. Make sure you look good, get a friend to take a few pictures in different poses and pick one that best reflects your personality. Interesting backgrounds or quirky props can help you stand out too.

Are You Talking To Me?

Try to make your communication effective. When you email someone for the first time personalise it by asking questions based on their profile. Tossing in a compliment – about their photo perhaps – won’t do any harm either. If after you’ve contacted someone their communication is irregular it should ring alarm bells. Getting the mobile answering service a lot when you ring or emails that are only answered in office hours may mean that the person is married.

First Impressions Count

When you do reach the stage of going on a date for the first time meet in a public place and make sure you make a good first impression. Take time to select an outfit, turn up on time and choose an interesting venue, you’ll make a better impression if you avoid the obvious places. Show interest in your date, laugh at their joke and avoid talking about yourself all night. Also, although you may not feel it, try to be confident. Confidence is a very attractive quality.

If you’re looking for a new relationship Internet dating can help ensure your frog kissing days are over.

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