What Drives Stalkers to Hound Others?

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Sometimes, we hear news of some celebrities getting restraining orders against their stalkers. We assume that stalking is the price of being in the public eye. But is this really accurate? Are celebrities more vulnerable to being stalked, or is stalking also a problem that regular individuals experience? Well, it’s true that popular stars are more susceptible to getting hounded by fanatic followers. However, ordinary people can also get stalked by others, such as an ex-husband/wife/partner, or even someone that they are currently dating or seeing. Also, there’s really a very thin line between being an overzealous fan or admirer and a stalker. In the face of repeated rejection or rebuff, a stable person will concede defeat, while a stalker will not.

Although most individuals brush of stalking as pretty harmless, there may be danger to others, depending on the state of mind of the people stalking them. There are different kinds of stalkers, and if you are being hounded by someone, maybe it’ll benefit you to take a glimpse inside the mind of a stalker.

The Ex-Partner Stalker

This type of stalker is someone who has experienced rejection from a spouse, a boyfriend/girlfriend, or a life partner. He feels rejected, and because of this, he wants revenge on the person who abandoned him. The stalker of a past partner will most likely demonstrate violent and dominant behavior. After his relationship has ended, he’ll feel that he lost something. He could feel powerless because the person that he controlled has left him. The danger here is that this type of stalker could snap, and he just might attack and cause serious injuries or even death to his ex.

The Lovesick Stalker

If you like psycho-thrillers, then you most likely have seen a lovesick stalker. This is the person who feels infatuated with another, usually someone who’s richer or more famous, and also one who already has a relationship or family. These kinds of stalkers have what’s known as “erotomania”, wherein they develop delusions regarding other individuals. The love-obsessed stalker creates a full-blown relationship in his mind. In his thoughts, the person that he is stalking is so besotted with him. In time, the stalker gathers confidence and tries to act out his fantasies. If his feelings aren’t returned, he could resort to threats or violence. Once the stalker’s drive to make his fantasy a reality escalates, the person being stalked isn’t the only one in harm’s way. The victim’s partner, family, or loved ones are also in danger.

The Hate-Filled Stalker

Some individuals stalk those that they hate because they want revenge. These are the people who have been fired or humiliated by others. For instance, a worker who has been fired from her job could begin stalking her employer. Because of the reasons behind the stalking, there is danger to the person, family or even group being stalked.

The Predator or Serial Stalker

These stalkers are very dangerous. They follow people around, not because they believe that they are in-love with them, but because they just want to victimize them. Serial stalkers are experts in following others clandestinely. They study their victims carefully, preparing for their attack. These predators stalk others to victimize, to gain power or control, or to gratify some sexual fantasy.


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