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Why does one guy seem to be a lady magnet and you can never seem to get the woman you want?  Or perhaps it is vice versa and all your buddies want you to be their wing-man and check out ladies at the bar.   We all like lists, so here it goes:

1)      Height.  Some men just don’t get what the hype is with tall men and have asked me numerous times.  The consensus is that we like men who are 6’ and up.  We like feeling little,  overpowered, and protected.  Yes, you can be the skinniest, weakest, tall man, but at least it gives us the illusion.  One woman even went as far as saying she doesn’t see a man as that masculine if he is short.  Ouch.  Another woman did say that she would find it acceptable if a short man is phenomenal in other ways.  Before you men who are not 6′ decide to stone me for writing something that is hard to read, think about some of criteria you would like a woman to have.  “Healthy body that is shapely,” which means not overweight.  What if the woman has a thyroid problem?  The thyroid controls metabolism, by the way.  Some people are just born a certain way and we are either lucky or we aren’t.

A few said they just want someone who is still taller than them with heels on. To each their own.

2)      Face.  Square jaw was one of the answers given in my survey.  Makes sense.  That is a very masculine trait as well.  Countless studies have shown we find symmetrical faces more aesthetically pleasing. Denzel Washington has often been cited as a good example of a symmetrical face.

3)      Hair.  I’m not talking about the hair on top of your head.  Women  like chest hair.  Ooo-la-la. Such a distinctly masculine trait.  Now there has been no authentic scientific case study for this that I can find in my vast database of science journals.  I don’t think anyone would bother to invest precious research money on this topic. Askmen.com did ask 100 women and 76 of them said they like chest hair.  They asked more women than I did, that’s for sure.  Anyone want to put in the time and money to go around asking maybe 1000 females and do that statistics on it for me?  As for facial hair, I had mixed responses.  Some like them scruffy and some like them clean-cut and shaven.  No back hair, please.

4)      Body.  Yes, we can be superficial also.  Men ask that of us, so why can’t we ask the men to take care of their bodies as well?  Someone mentioned broad shoulders.  That can most likely be linked to our caveman days when men would go out hunting and carry their kill on the broad shoulders.  The broader, the more they can carry.  We are also a fan of the V-shape torso with nice pectoral muscles and have 6-pack abs.  Okay, perhaps that is going a little overboard, but you can’t lose if you are physically fit.

What makes a man a keeper?  Here are the not-as-superficial qualities:

1)      Integrity. No one likes cheaters. Women cheat also, but this blog is about what women want.   How does the guy treat his friends and family?  Is he just as good of a friend and son as he is a boyfriend?  Is he a backstabbing friend?  Having high morals and upholding them are so sexy.

2)      Career.  Not everyone likes to be defined by their careers, but there is no denying that a career does define us in some way or another.  It shows ambition (or lack thereof) and also whether he is artistic (if he is a painter or photographer) or more numbers-oriented (engineers and statisticians).  As modern women, we can take care of ourselves, but we like a man who has the capability of taking care of us.

3)      No kids.  Someone did say that it’s cool with her as long as the guy didn’t have 5 different baby mommas.  For the rest of us, it is a huge negative.  We would rather start a family with someone who doesn’t have kids already.

4)      Communicates well.  So many women complain about how their boyfriends don’t call or text them or that their men seem more interested in a football game than in them.  Communication is the key to any relationship.  How can you feel close to the person if you don’t have a mental connection with them?

There are many more to list and not enough space to write it all here.  Other noteworthy traits: not being a momma’s boy and being open-minded.  I’m not saying to not love your mom, but do you rely way too much on her and are not self-sufficient?  Open-mindedness is also an attractive trait.  Add what you think is attractive in the comments below.


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